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Shamanic Breathwork

 Author: Linda Star Wolf  Category: Health and Fitness  ISBN: 9781591431060  ASIN: 1591431069  Amazon Kindle  Barnes & Noble

Incorporating psycho-spiritual tools into her ‘Shamanic Breathwork’ book, Linda Star Wolf demonstrates how to embark on a spiritual journey akin to how shamans attune themselves to the rhythms of drums or rattles, all through the power of breath, whether practiced individually or in conjunction with music. Similar to the experiences of visiting sacred places or partaking in entheogenic rituals, this practice enables individuals to access altered states of consciousness, establish connections with cosmic consciousness, enhance paranormal abilities, and awaken their inner shaman.

‘Shamanic Breathwork’ can also serve as a means to address past traumas and transform unproductive thought patterns, allowing individuals to move beyond them. Through the therapeutic potential of breath and music attuned to the chakras, Linda Star Wolf delves into the Five Cycles of Change, representing the Alchemical Map of Shamanic Consciousness. She explains how these cycles impact individuals as they navigate significant life transitions.

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