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A platform with intention

Our robust Breath Technologies platform is designed to give you every resource you need to get a true sense of your breath, no matter where you are.

Available with or without the use of the Pneumö, we consider the app where our community lives. Track, share, journal and learn – let’s journey together to better health.

Breath Technologies App Features

About the Breath Technologies Platform

Videos, Training + Tracking

We use hybrid technology to ensure our website, app, data platform and device work seamlessly. Casual users should find it easy to navigate while professional users will receive a depth of functionality to assist them in their training mission.    

On demand videos are our most immediate offering.  Users can browse guided practice sessions by type of content, by publishing studio and by creator.  In addition to videos, there different practices which range from guided mediation to real time tracking of pain events.  These practices and videos can easily be downloaded onto the phone.  

Technology Integration + Resources

While practicing, under-the-hood technology creates records of the practice which have many uses.  For example, they could power an accountability program or create a feedback structure between student and breath instructor.  If combined with the Breath Technologies biometric Pneumö, one could see the efficacy of the practice in real time.  For example, they could watch their slowing heart rate and breath wave as they practiced deep breathing. 

The user can access web resources directly from their app.  Specific practices come with useful links about the origin, uses and technical concerns of each technique that the breath expert who created the practice feels is important.  In addition, the app will have a separate resource page that provides links to the many useful resources both within and external to our platform. 

Content Creators + Instructors

Students need teachers and content needs creators.  The app provides a robust template structure to create original training, recording and reporting functions.  To keep students and teachers connected there are channels, subscriptions and groups. 

Tools provided for instructors include a suite of practice templates, real state tracking for both biometrics and reported state, reporting functions and setting up data channels. 
If you are interested in being a content creator,  contact us!

Data + Privacy

Understanding data is critical.  The app has robust analytic and reporting functions. The casual user will be provided with several useful analytical templates to use within each channel they choose to engage with. For the dedicated user and content creators there is a robust platform to create custom reporting and analytic functions.

Protecting and securing data is a legal and moral responsibility.  We use one of the highest standards of encryption, AES 256.  However, encryption is not enough.  Users need legal ownership and even more importantly practical control.  A direct database interface where they can decide if their data gets uploaded into a secure cloud, remains encrypted on their phone or is even recorded at all.

Some users will choose to share their data for reasons such as training, seeking advice from experts, or communicating with their friends.  Not only can the user direct their data down different channels, converting reports into different formats such as PDF, images, and even QR codes are available.

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