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The Rosetta Stone of Breath

Breath Technologies Rosetta Stone

The Breath Technologies digital healthcare platform helps people define how we breathe and feel, both as individuals and as a society. Our resources and tools (breath practices) help you solve specific problems, and together they form an end-to-end solution. We like to call this the Rosetta Stone of Breath because of the way we link individuals, technology, and data to decipher the mysteries of breath.

Understanding Breathing is Hard

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Knowledge is Fragmented

43 different industries utilize breathwork, and the research is even more scattered.

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Data is Subjective

Subjective experience is essential to diagnosing dyspnea or difficulty breathing.

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Breathing is Complex

Breathing impacts every aspect of our lives in ways we do not fully understand, affecting our mind and body.

Connecting Stakeholders

Our objective is to connect stakeholders on our digital healthcare platform and enable them with better data.

Digital Healthcare Platform

Professionals share content, including practices & symptom-tracking checklists, on our platform.

Users practice professional content and track their subjective and objective data.

Data Sharing

Users can opt to share reports of their subjective, objective, and contextual information with professionals for coaching and feedback.

Data Validation

Professionals can evaluate the effectiveness of each practice with real-world data for validation.


Big data sets from professionals and research projects define how people breathe and feel better.

Powerful Tools for Key Stakeholders

Our digital healthcare platform provides powerful tools to our stakeholders, tools that are platforms in their own right.

Professional Portal

Professional Portal


Breath App

User App


Breath Practice

Practice Library


Pneumö™ Respiratory Tracker


Resources for Better Breathing​

The Breath Technologies resource pages add a dynamic library to our digital healthcare platform. These resources are designed to accelerate progress on your journey to understand and use your breath for optimal health. We will continue adding resources that the community helps us curate and look forward to a time this will be the hub that people use to understand breathing complexities.

Level the Playing Field

We are not saying that breathing practices, pharmacology, and therapy are equal.  We advocate that they be evaluated on one digital healthcare platform with the same metrics and standards.

Breathwork, Pharmacology, and Therapy are Not Equal
Breathwork, Pharmacology, and Therapy are Not Equal
Doctors know that breathing is both a health indicator and an intervention, but existing data models make it difficult to leverage this knowledge. The Breath Technology digital healthcare platform is designed to overcome this limitation.

First, we give our users control over their data by following the principles of Privacy By Design. Building trust and a sense of security is the cornerstone of the adoption.

Secure User Data and Permissions

Building trust and a sense of security is the cornerstone of the adoption. We give our users control over their information and records by following the principles of Privacy By Design.

Create New Data

Connecting the different stakeholders, such as professionals, users, and researchers, on one digital healthcare platform will generate new data that will accelerate our understanding of breathing, both individually and collectively.

Linking Data Types

Most people believe that hard data in the form of numbers attached to biomarkers is the dominant form of breathing data. Subjective data and environmental data are equally important, and they must be linked into a single data set to properly understand breathing.

Build Better Data Models

Current models are limited because they rely on small data sets with subjective and artificial components. Our digital healthcare platform is designed to overcome these limits by maximizing stakeholder engagement while collecting large sets of real-world data that link the subjective to the objective.

Identify Interventions and Indicators

We know that breathing can predict higher mortality rates and that breath control and practices can improve your health and quality of life. Now it’s time to put this knowledge into action.

Breathing Tracker App

Get the Most out of Every Breath

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. 
Download your user app today. Start your health journey by defining how you breathe and feel.

FAQs About The Platform

Why do we need a Rosetta Stone of Breath?

For more than a thousand years, Egyptian hieroglyphics remained a mystery. Then they discovered a data model that linked different languages together–and from there, it was only a matter of time until the mystery was solved. This data model was known as the Rosetta Stone.

To understand breathing, we need another Rosetta Stone that links together the different languages of breathing. These languages or data types are subjective (how you feel), objective (what your body is doing), and environmental (where you are). By linking these data types, we will have created the key to deciphering our respiration.

Why is it challenging to get real-world respiratory data?

The challenge in accessing respiratory data is that there are few apps, devices, or tools to track and record unconscious breathing habits during real-world stressors and events. The available technology still needs to give us the correct type of real-world data in a suitable format. Our digital healthcare platform for breathing aims to get better data.

Can Breath Technologies point solutions be used separately?

Yes, Breath Technologies provides a a la carte point solution platform to deliver one singular value proposition to help unravel the mysteries of breathing.

How does Breath Technologies secure data on the platform?

The Breath Technologies digital healthcare platform follows privacy by design principles. Our key commitment to users is that they have transparent control over their data and records. Security features on our digital healthcare platform include end-to-end security features and mobile and cloud databases utilizing AES 256 encryption.

Who can use the Breath Technologies platform?

It is for everyone who wants to breathe, feel, and help others live better for a better quality of life, such as doctors, coaches, sports professionals, researchers, scientists, yogic practitioners, spiritual and motivational leaders, and most importantly, everyday users.

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