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Discover the power of breath through Breath Technologies! We are a digital health company that addresses health performance through better breathing. We provide a comprehensive solution to measure, record, practice, and share information about your breathing and overall well-being. Our goal is to bridge the gap in understanding the importance of breath and its impact on mental and physical health. We strive to be the Rosetta Stone of Breath, enabling individuals to unlock the power of their digitalized respiratory patterns.

Our Breath Technologies platform, including the BreathPro app and patent pending Pneumo™ wearable device, leverage technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and mobile internet-of-things to understand health needs in real-world circumstances better. Our platform is uniquely designed as an open platform and end-to-end solution for multiple stakeholders, including users, professionals, business wellness plans, health organizations, and researchers. What makes us special is how we empower real-world data with actionable insights. These insights allow you to achieve your health objectives more effectively by connecting the dots between your breath and wellness.

7 Core Values

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BREATHE – We breathe together as one with our clients, communities, and stakeholders for a better world.

Our Mission

At Breath Technologies, our aim is to be the technology that delivers actionable data-driven insights to improve health and quality of life with better breathing. To achieve this, we use the following:

Our Vision

At Breath Technologies, we envision a world where the connection between how individuals feel and breathe is understood and prioritized. We are founded on the belief that feeling better is intricately linked to breathing better, and we strive to empower individuals to achieve optimal well-being and happiness.

Our vision is to revolutionize the study, learning, and sharing of real-world breathing habits for both individuals and breath professionals. By offering a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects breath with the mind and body, we aim to redefine how breathing is understood and utilized as a powerful tool for improved mental and physical health.

Through the integration of advanced technology, we are committed to providing individuals with the tools they need to unlock the potential of their breath. Our platform combines the 

to create a user-friendly and cohesive ecosystem that allows users to effectively communicate their needs and gain valuable insights into their unique breathing patterns.

With this vision as our guiding light, Breath Technologies is dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their well-being, fostering a world where feeling better and breathing better go hand in hand.

We are building the first-of-its-kind tool for individuals and breath professionals to study, learn and share real world breathing habits.

Behind every change are the people who make it happen.

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Aaron Ward

Tech & Operations

30+ years of Entrepreneur, Inventor, Legal Marketing, Editorial, International Import and Export Expertise

Suzanne Diaz

Sales & Finance

25+ years of Corporate Banking Technology Sales Leadership, Marketing, Wholesale, Retail Entrepreneurship

Our Experienced Team is growing! Our current staff of colleagues all have more than 10 years experience in their fields. They include:

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Aaron Ward

Tech & Operations

Aaron Ward is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Breath Technologies. Breath Technologies is a respiratory-focused digital health platform connecting users, professionals, researchers, and businesses with better real-world data to solve problems related to early identification and management of underlying health conditions such as cardiac arrest, asthma, and anxiety. Breath is the intersection of your physical and mental health. Based on his extensive knowledge and use of mind and body intervention techniques for the last 30+ years and solving healthcare needs, he has developed a new respiratory platform to provide better health data to those who need it. His vision is to open up new paths of discovery leading to better outcomes and utilization of health resources. 

Before founding Breath Technologies, Aaron had extensive experience as an entrepreneur,  publishing editor, project manager and chief administrative officer of a significant legal alliance in different countries. He has navigated multii-cultural, multi-lingual, and complex regulatory environments. While working for the 6th largest law firm in the world, Hogan Lovells, he received global legal recognition for innovation by leading and developing the first law firm alliance in China. Subsequently, he published a legal directory of law universities in the West written in Chinese. While working at Hogan Lovells, Aaron was responsible for all media outreach, publications, public relation communications in the greater Chinese marketplace. He established a simultaneous language translation department and selected as the Mandarin language translator for the Global Managing Partner of Hogans Lovell.   

As an entrepreneur, Aaron ran his own import-export artwork business with nationwide distribution channels and with employees staffed in two offices. He has extensive knowledge of regulatory importing and exporting regulations and manufacturing production requirements in multiple countries. Early in Aaron’s career, established his entrepreneurship credentials with opening his own language school where he taught English to 150+ Chinese students. He did this while studying martial arts including Tai Chi and Bagau Zhang.    

Aaron is originally from rural California and grew up in Victoria, Canada. Aaron attended Williams College and the University of Victoria where he graduated in the top 1% of his class studying Chinese and Economics. Aaron is an avid traveller and spent many years abroad circling the globe learning about new cultures and mind body practices. He spent more than 2 years at the Forest Monastery of Suan Mok studying mediation, breathwork and yoga. 

His own health journey led him to be an inventor. In that process, Aaron discovered that connecting our subjective experiences in life with the biodata and technology, can solve health mysteries using data. He understood that subjective experiences in the moment need biotracking over time to show progress. He witnessed many others health challenges with mismatches of mind body interventions. Thus, he began teaching mind and body interventions for the last 5 years to assist others with their health needs. Through that journey, the Breath Technologies platform and devices were invented by him and his co-founder. 

Aaron’s other passions are technology development and leadership. He leads of team of senior software developers and IoT specialists at Breath Technologies where he his project management experience has driven the successful development of a working platform that includes enterprise level software, portals, and apps. He has experience in programming, IoT prototyping on the Arduino platform, system design, UI and UX design leveraging Figma storyboards, Android Studios experience developing apps, developing protocols and filters for wireless communication and data schematics. Other responsibilities include the creation of original content with a team of content writers and marketplace launch strategy. 

Message from Aaron Ward

Suzanne B. Diaz

Sales & Finance

Suzanne B. Diaz is the CEO and Co-founder of Breath Technologies. Breath Technologies is the premier patent pending respiratory-focused digital health platform connecting users, professionals, and researchers with better real-world data to solve problems related to early identification and management of underlying health conditions such as cardiac arrest, asthma, and anxiety.

Before joining Breath Technologies, Suzanne was the Treasury Management Southeast Regional Sales Executive for PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. She led a team of treasury management professionals delivering working capital and fraud prevention solutions to commercial, middle market corporations, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.

Suzanne is a 5th-generation Floridian with 23+ years of treasury management, banking, leadership, retail, and technology experience. Suzanne grew up in a retail entrepreneur family, learning the value of hard work and customer relationships. Suzanne attended Harvard University’s Secondary Program studying Law and American Government. She is a University of Florida dual degree alumni in Management and Political Science.

Suzanne was recognized at PNC as the 2012 Chairman’s Refer Winner, 2014 Florida West All-Star Winner, and Most Valuable TM Market Sales Leader Award recipient for 2015, 2016, and 2021. Her team achieved top honors, including top sales, referring partners, and more. Suzanne developed key recognition programs for the entire PNC Treasury Management organization.

Suzanne is active in the community as a JA of Tampa Bay Board Member, Women in Technology & Entrepreneurship, NEW, Miss Tampa Foundation, and USF College of Business Digital Marketing Advisory board member. She was recognized in 2012 as the Tampa Bay Business Journal “Up and Comers” Award Finalist. She was an inaugural mentor for three years for the Business Journal’s Bizwomen Mentoring Monday Events. She is the past President of the Tampa Bay Association for Financial Professionals. She has been a keynote speaker at organizations, including FICPA Chapters and the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

Message from Suzanne B. Diaz

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