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Let us introduce you to Breath Technologies!

What is Breath Technologies all about?

Simply put, we want people to live happier lives with less pain, using breath.

We believe breath is a vital connection to our mental and physical wellbeing. Today, professionals such as physicians, researchers, and teachers are using breath to improve people’s lives but without enough accurate biofeedback data that demonstrates natural breathing patterns.

We need to know more about breathing, and it’s why Breath Technologies is here. 

of Americans stated they experience stress on the job and nearly half of Americans (49%) stated that stress has negatively affected their behavior (American Psychological Association).
of Americans die from lower respiratory diseases including asthma. It's the 6th leading cause of death in US. (CDC)
1 Billion
People worldwide suffer from acute or chronic respiratory issues
Respiratory disease is the 6th leading cause of death in US. (CDC)

In 2020, American Psychological Association found nearly half of all adult Americans (49%) said stress negatively affected their behavior. Three-quarters of adults report symptoms of stress including headache, tiredness and sleeping problems. Most have dysfunctional breathing that can be attributed to mental or physical ailments. It is suspected that over 50% of the American population has an undiagnosed breathing issue including sleep apnea, asthma or other related condition.

The irony is that better breathing habits predate writing and were some of the first practices to ever be written down. Yet today, many medical conditions can include diagnosis with expensive and invasive treatments including surgery and prescriptions. Breathing practices aren’t always considered as remedies to complement to these treatments.

The good news is extensive research has been shown that breathing techniques can assist with, and in some cases even resolve, some medical conditions.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Try a simple test. Put your hand over your heart. Take a few fast shallow breaths and feel your heartbeat speed up. Now, take some slower longer breaths and feel your heart rate slow as you relax more. By focusing on your breathing habit, you affected your mind and body in less than a minute.

Science is still struggling to track and understand real world breathing habits. There is an identified missing link between what occurs in a lab with forced breathing (spirometer, pulse oximeter, and capnography measurements) and actual breathing dysfunction that occurs during daily life activities. Plus, current breathing technologies do not provide a tool to link the mental and physical states to our natural breathing habits. Scientist and researchers are doing more every day to study this and we want to help partner and contribute in a significant way.

We are building the first-of-its-kind tool for individuals and breath professionals to study, learn and share real world breathing habits.

Only by studying real world breathing data can we better understand how breathing connects with our mental and physical states. With this understanding we can begin to improve our health and happiness and talk about it with others.

This is your health journey and you need better data. Technology has revolutionized every aspect of the way we interact with each other in society. We, at Breath Technologies, want to leverage this technological revolution in new ways to help everyone achieve better mental and physical health. 

We are connecting your breath to your brain to your pain to practice techniques in order to improve your health.

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Breath Technologies Platform Diagram

It’s all happening on one easy to use platform that includes an integrated app, community of experts and a wearable device to help you communicate your personal needs

We are on a mission to unite the community and breathing industry so that everyone can benefit from better health. Join us! We welcome your thoughts and contributions to our blog topics and community page coming soon. Sign up to be the first to receive news on the pending release of our Breath Technologies app and tracking device.

We are moving fast! We will be starting crowd funding initiatives later in 2022 to launch our tested technology and get the word out.

Contact us, and let’s become a louder voice together.

The Breath Technologies Pillars

Technology and Lungs

Proprietary Technology

A wearable, first-of-its-kind pneumometer called the Pneumö created to measure REAL breath in REAL time

Breath technologies. The Missing Link

Scientific Data

Compiled breath waves from Pneumö wearers provides the first true measurement of breath in relation to physical and mental state

Mindsharing Trees

Engaged Community

An active, engaged online community who share the belief that proper breath is fundamental to overall health

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