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BreathPro Studio 2.0 digitalizes your practices effortlessly. With a hassle-free way to share practices to millions, BreathPro Studio 2.0 offers an all-in-one solution for breathing professionals. We’re also enhancing your connection with your audience through direct data exchange.

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Move beyond YouTube setups and embrace digital transformation with ease. With user feedback, you will have all the data you need to create downloadable practices. We’ve also integrated tools that help validate your practice.

The BreathPro Studio 2.0 Difference


Establish a unique online presence with a full-fledged studio setup and professional profile. Elevate your brand by featuring your name and face prominently.

Data Driven Insights

The dashboard on your professional profile will display all the essential data, empowering you to make informed and data-driven decisions.

Manage Practices Under One Roof

Create and manage public and exclusive video, dynamic and awareness practices, all under your professional profile. This makes your practices more accessible and engaging.

Go Global With BreathPro

Gone are the days of being confined by geographical boundaries. By setting up Studio 2.0 with BreathPro, you have the chance to transcend these limits and connect with a vast, diverse audience from around the world. Whether you specialize in respiratory therapy, optimizing athletic and singing performances, or yoga, BreathPro Studio 2.0 provides the platform to expand your reach and build your brand on a global scale.

Your User’s Journey

Crafting your user’s journeys has never been easier. Discover, create, and share practices with BreathPro Studio 2.0, guiding users through their transformative breathwork journey.

1. Download

Search for and download breathing exercises from BreathPro Studio 2.0.

2. Practice

Regularly practice using the app to record your breathing data.

3. Share

Share your data with the BreathPro team for validation and to aid in app improvement.

Embrace Technology

Countless apps claim to teach optimal breathing techniques, but none provide tangible feedback on performance. This absence of validation undermines trust in the effectiveness of your exercises. BreathPro, however, revolutionizes this space with its comprehensive features, designed to truly unleash the power of breathwork!

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