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What is the correlation between breathing and technology?

Breathing and technology might seem worlds apart, but there's a unique intersection between them. At its core, technology is the embodiment of applied knowledge to achieve a specific outcome. Similarly, when we learn and master the art of breathing, we're applying knowledge in a practical way. So, just as we harness technology to enhance our lives, we can view the act of conscious breathing as a 'technology' in itself – a tool we've refined to better our well-being. Dive into the synergy of breath and tech, and discover how mastering one can unlock the potential of the other.

Understanding the significance of proper breathing is the gateway to a healthier life. While ancient traditions and modern medicine have long emphasized the importance of breath, no one has made an effort to measure the breath. So we have taken it upon ourselves to quantify your natural breathing patterns with concrete data and scientific precision. 

Most people only use 20% of their lung capacity when breathing
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Percent of your body's waste that is exhaled daily in the form of carbon dioxide through breath
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Welcome to the Technology. Pneumö.

Breath Technologies’ Pneumö Force is a new device that uses advanced sensors to measure the movement of YOUR breath in REAL time.

Simply stated, it’s a device to measure breath accurately.

How? By tracking the smallest movements in your diaphragm, the Pneumö Force provides a visual breath wave, with amplitude, frequency and regularity in real time throughout the day.

In combination with the Pnuemö app, users receive immediate data about their breath. We have also equipped the app with a functionality where you can record all your breath data over time. If you find any anomalies in your breathing pattern, you can always share the data with professionals. The entire process leaves no guesswork as you get accurate and reliable data about your breath.  

We have also developed the BreathPro app which serves as a unifying platform for both professionals and users. It offers a comprehensive selection of breathing practices by breath professionals categorized into ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Awareness’ sections, each thoughtfully designed to provide therapeutic benefits to users with varying breath conditions. 

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Questions about the Pneumö? We have answers.

Pneumö Force is a device that will measure your breath anytime and anywhere, regardless of the conditions. We call it the ‘thermometer’ of your breath.

Breath is the essence of life! But the truth is that we don’t remember how we were breathing 5 minutes ago during a stressful moment. But we are giving you a tool to measure and record your breath precisely. Our device will give you real time data from which you can form insights about your health. Armed with this knowledge, the power is in your hands to decide the next steps for your well-being.

The device is equipped with tools like an accelerometer and gyroscope that measure your breath in real time. The data generated is recorded on the Pneumo app. You can access and share this data when you log in to the app.

Pneumö Force will tell you three things:

  • It will offer you real-time data on breathing
  • It will measure breath accurately and consistently
  • It will collect data on 5 crucial signals about your breath —breath rate, breath wave, relative breath volume, oxygen level and pulse

Yes, most people forget they are wearing it! Pneumö Force is hands-free wearable comfortably designed to be worn on the torso, even discreetly under clothing

Pneumö Force is a revolutionary device. The technology is so new that we had to craft not just the device, but also the name. Drawing from the Greek word ‘Pneumö’, meaning ‘air in motion’ or breath, and with the ‘ö’ symbolizing O2 oxygen molecules, we encapsulated the essence of breath. The addition of ‘Force’ implies empowerment, hinting that with this device, ‘the force is with you’. We added Force to say that the force is with you. Therefore, welcome to Pneumö Force — your breath’s very own thermometer.

A few years ago, our co-founders, Aaron Ward and Suzanne B. Diaz, faced breathing difficulties. Their search for a reliable breath-measuring instrument proved fruitless, revealing a gap in the market. This personal struggle gave birth to Pneumö Force, a device designed from firsthand experience to precisely gauge your breath

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 80 can wear a ‘Pneumö Force’ and it has been tested for such usage. We do not recommend using the device for anyone below 13 years old, because it is too small with batteries that can be accidentally swallowed.

The device is equipped with tools like an accelerometer and gyroscope that measure your breath in real time. The data generated is recorded on the Pneumo app. You can access and share this data when you log in to the app.

We leverage Google Firebase for our back-end operations, utilizing Google’s Realtime Database and FireStore cloud for seamless data management. Additionally, Hive, with its cutting-edge encryption technology, ensures smooth integration across both Android and Apple devices. For a comprehensive understanding of our data practices, please refer to our privacy policy.

To start using your Pneumö Force, first charge the device with a USB-C charger until it’s fully powered. You can then either attach it to the specially designed BT shirt or wear it under your regular clothing. Finally, download and open the Pneumö Force app on your smartphone to pair the device. Once connected, you’ll start receiving real-time biofeedback directly on the app.

Pneumö Force features a lightweight Lithium-ion battery, the same advanced technology that powers today’s drones. It can be conveniently recharged using a micro-USB connection.

Just like with other smart devices, we recommend keeping your Pneumö Force in your carry-on luggage or on your person when traveling. Whether your journey is for leisure or packed with stress, it’s always a good time to
focus on better breathing with Pneumö Force.

With Pneumö Force, you can enjoy up to four hours of continuous broadcasting. Additionally, the device offers 24 hours of offline recording capability and can remain on standby for up to 100 days.

Yes, the Pneumö Force is a wireless tracking device that operates on Wifi and Bluetooth technology with a rechargable mini-USB port and is water resistant.

Pneumö Force gives you real-time feedback and you can check your breathing data, including breath wave, on the Pneumö app.

Yes. You can record your breathing data and share it with friends, family and professionals at your own discretion.

If you need further assistance with either the app or the device, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at We’re here to help and look forward to speaking with you.

All you need to get started is a smartphone that has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. This will allow you to seamlessly connect to the Pneumö Force device and app for a streamlined user experience.

We are different. While we are all creating wearable wireless technology that include biometric sensors, we are the only platform to directly monitor your natural breathing patterns in normal live activities and report it in real time. We want you to notice how you feel and have a two way communication tool with professionals. We aggregate the experts and techniques to help you feel better and provide the platform to communicate with friends, family, teachers, and doctors.

Pneumö Force is priced at $179. 

No, the device is a one-time purchase available on We wanted to make the device affordable and less than an average cost of one doctor office visit for the general public or a few months of the gym. It’s less expensive than most health tracking wearable devices. The Pneumö App is FREE. 

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