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Learning why proper breathing is important is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. The science behind breath has been established in ancient practices and modern medical times. But, not until now, has anyone captured your natural breath state with numerical values and science.

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Welcome to the Technology. Pneumö.

Breath Technologies’s Pneumö is a new health device that uses wearable, wireless, motion capture technology to measure the movement of REAL breath in REAL time.

Simply stated, it’s a device to measure breath.

How? By tracking the smallest movements in your diaphragm, the Pneumö provides a visual breath wave, with amplitude, frequency and regularity in real time throughout the day

In combination with the Breath Technologies app, the wearer receives immediate indicators of their physical state and comments on their mental state creating a comparative tool and training techniques to improve the breath. You get to do this when it’s most convenient and most needed for your health. These training techniques are delivered through multiple media tools delivered by breath professionals, leaving no guesswork to determine if you are learning from the best. 

Together, we refer to the data and breath signatures as Breathalytics. Using these breathalytics, the user can create real change in their overall breathing patterns and ultimately, in their health.

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Questions about the Pneumö? We have answers.

The Pneumö (pronounced new-mo) is our pneumometer. A device that measures your breath and produces a breath wave. This breath wave helps you understand how you are breathing and determine patterns.

The truth is that we don’t remember how we were breathing 5 minutes ago in a stressful moment. We believe how you breathe is a leading indicator of your mental and physical health. There is not a tool to record precisely your natural breathing habits. Experts use pulse oximeters on your arm or finger. That is not our natural breath measurement, that’s your heart beat and oxygen saturation. Our device has pulse, oxygen saturation monitoring and your natural breath wave motion movement. This trifecta tells one story of you and we lack tools and communications today. The Pneumö will keep track relay back valuable information to you so you can pinpoint specific moments in the day that resulted in restricted breathing. You chose how you wish to use this information for your own health. You need this missing information to understand, study, and communicate with others for optimal health. 

This tracker device uses wearable, wireless, motion capture technology which measures the movement of the breath in real time. Then, this data is uploaded to the Breath Technologies app where it is transformed into useful data and comparative analysis tools along with training techniques.

By capturing your breath wave, you can classify your breath as long, short, shallow, irregular, quick, etc. In turn, these can be indicators of your underlying emotional or physical state. For example, if your breath is short, rapid and forced, you are probably stressed and can take action by viewing practice sessions in the app. There are three primary measurements including your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and natural breath wave movement. 

Yes, most people forget they are wearing it! The pneumometer weighs less than 2 ounces and is inconspicuous. It is typically worn under your clothing or in our proprietary shirt with a hidden pocket in the thoracic chest area. It is less than 6 cm tall.

The Pneumö (pronounced new-mo) is a new technology but pneumometer is a seldom used medical term. The technology is so new, we had to invent the device and the use a word to describe it. Pneumö is Greek for “air in motion” or breath. The ö is representing O2 oxygen molecules. Meter is to measure. Therefore, welcome to Pneumö, the pneumometer. Pneumometer rhymes with speedometer and thermometer.

Think about the last time you tried to share with others how you were breathing and what you were feeling with real data. We tried and found that it was difficult. So, we invented the Pneumö and built the Breath Technologies platform to communicate, practice, and share your techniques.

Almost anyone can use a pneumometer. We’ve beta tested on 5-year-old children to 95 year old grandmothers with no concerns. Under 5 years old, we don’t recommend children due to them swallowing small devices with batteries. I may test it on my dog soon.

The Pneumö is a wireless device that collects your breath in real time. The app is the communication tool to practice, review reports, and share your data. Together, they provide an integrated platform designed to help you practice breathing better and communicate about your natural breath restrictions and current state.

Our back end processing is hosted on Google Firebase. We use Google’s Realtime Database and FireStore cloud to manage data integration. In addition, Hive using the latest encryption technology to seamlessly integrate with Android and Apple devices. Please reference our privacy policy for further details.

It is small enough to fit inside your shirt or undergarments around your thoracic chest area where measuring your breath is most accurate.

The Pneumö comes with a Lithium-ion battery technology designed to be lightweight and the same battery technology used in drones today. It is recharged via micro-USB connection.

We recommend as with all other smart devices to keep your Pneumö in carry-on luggage or with you. Traveling can be fun or stressful. Time to breathe better!

The Pneumö can be worn for long periods of time (days and weeks) without recharging, depending on usage. 

Yes, the Pneumö is a wireless tracking device that operates on Wifi and Bluetooth technology with a rechargable mini-USB port and is water resistant.

There are many ways to see your results. The Breath Technologies app includes real time playback, comparative analysis, searchable databases, and practice tools. 

Yes. Ease of communication is one of our key design features. There is an easily searchable database of your records where you can download to your own personal device and export or share the data with your instructor, teacher, social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram and others at your own discretion.

Yes, reach our support team at should you require additional assistance for the app or device. We look forward to talking with you.

A smart phone and/or a computer that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled is all that is required.

We recommend connecting one Pneumö to one app for optimal performance results. We have lots of new features planned to maximize your potential. 

We are different. While we are all creating wearable wireless technology that include biometric sensors, we are the only platform to directly monitor your natural breathing patterns in normal live activities and report it in real time. We want you to notice how you feel and have a two way communication tool with professionals. We aggregate the experts and techniques to help you feel better and provide the platform to communicate with friends, family, teachers, and doctors.

The Breath Technologies app is FREE and available in your Google or Apple store. There is a premium app subscription service to maximize your potential. The Pneumö science works and is in beta testing with different users. We expect the Pneumö price point to be under $150. Contact us now to be a beta tester or sponsor us on our upcoming Kick Starter. You can reserve your device today. 

No, the device is a one-time purchase available on We wanted to make the device affordable and less than an average cost of one doctor office visit for the general public or a few months of the gym. It’s less expensive than most health tracking wearable devices. The Breath Technologies App is FREE. There is a premium subscription version for enhanced app features.

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Prepare Pneumometer

Move your other devices out of the way and make sure your pneumometer has 50%+ battery.