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Breathe a Little Better

- One Pranayama a Week - 5 manuals on Yogic breathing for mindful eating, gratitude, diligence, love, and resilience
 Author: Sundar Balasubramanian  Category: Health and Fitness  Published: August 29, 2023  ISBN: 979-8890668158  ASIN: B0CGVT42C6  Pages: 238  Amazon Kindle

Unlock the Power of Breath:
Breathing isn’t just a mere physiological act; it’s the gateway to the mind. Harness its potential to enhance various facets of life, from diet and work to gratitude, compassion, and resilience.

A Comprehensive Guide to Regulated Breathing:
Dive into a manual brimming with structured breathing exercises. Rooted in ancient non-religious literature, this guide offers a blend of time-honored and contemporary Pranayama techniques, ensuring a holistic practice throughout the year.

Meet the Visionary – Sundar Balasubramanian:
A renowned researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina, Sundar Balasubramanian seamlessly marries his expertise in cell biology with his passion for Pranayama breathwork. His mission? To unravel the myriad benefits of pranayama and champion holistic well-being. His pioneering research, which delves into the stimulation and analysis of salivary proteins during yoga breathing, has set groundbreaking standards in molecular and cell biology. With his insights gracing top-tier scientific journals, Sundar stands as a beacon in the confluence of ancient practices and modern science.

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