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Discover how our four key offerings – Resources, BreathPro Studio, BreathPro App, and the Pneumö™ Force device – are changing the game. Click through to learn more about each product and how they can enhance your breathing health and performance.

Digital Transformation for Your Breathing Practice

Upgrade your breathing practice with BreathPro Studio 2.0. Utilize user feedback and integrated tools to create and validate downloadable practices tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Breathing Resources at Your Fingertips

Explore an extensive collection of breathing techniques, scholarly research, and insightful blogs curated by Breath Technologies. Contribute your insights or become a content creator with us.

Connect with Breathing Experts through BreathPro App

Learn from top professionals in medical, athletic, and spiritual breathing fields. The BreathPro App offers hundreds of practices to improve your breathing, connecting you with an elite network of experts.

Advanced Breathing Measurement with Pneumo

The Pneumö™ Force device revolutionizes how you measure your breath, offering four different techniques and integrated heart monitoring for a comprehensive breathing health assessment.

Resources for Better Breathing​

The Breath Technologies resource pages add a dynamic library to our digital healthcare platform. These resources are designed to accelerate progress on your journey to understand and use your breath for optimal health. We will continue adding resources that the community helps us curate and look forward to a time this will be the hub that people use to understand breathing complexities.

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