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Breathing Technology

Breathing and Technology

The Breath Technologies digital healthcare platform enables the missing links you need to measure, record, practice, and share how you breathe and feel. We help you leverage this knowledge to impact your health objectives. We like say we are creating the Rosetta Stone of Breath.

Our platform leverages technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and mobile, internet-of-things to leverage a better understanding of our respiration and how it affects our mental and physical health. We connect your breathing with your wellness.

Did You Know?

Breathing Problems
Breathing problems are the best prognostic symptom of cardiac arrest.
Undiagnosed Shortness of Breath
40% of Americans have undiagnosed respiratory problems.
Breath Mind-Body Interventions
Breath is the foundation of most mind-body health interventions.

The Three U's of Respiration

Our platform is dedicated to solving the three U’s of breathing: it is underutilized as a vital sign, it is unmapped as a biomarker, and the many benefits of breath-driven health interventions are undefined. Breath can be used as a health indicator and also as a preventative tool.

Respiration as a Vital Sign

The respiratory rate is the most underutilized of the four vital signs. People know that it is proof of life, but most people don’t know that it is also a good predictor of cardiac arrest. Imagine how many lives can be saved if we utilize the importance of the respiratory rate.

Respirations Vital Signs
Breath Biomarker

Respiration as a Biomarker

Respiration as a biomarker is a critical frontier in science and medicine. It can detect, diagnose, and predict conditions such as childhood pneumonia, cardiac event risk in women, and mental health conditions. What problems could we prevent if we had better data models and records?

Respiration as a Health Intervention

New research comes forward daily revealing additional benefits of mind-body interventions. Breath is the foundational tool of most of these interventions. How can you use the breath to improve your current state of health?

Breathing Interventions

Defining the Way You Breathe and Feel

Breath Technologies Point Solutions

Our technology has a tool for everyone. We deliver these tools through a single open platform designed for professionals, users, researchers, and business wellness programs.

Here is how we help you define how you breathe and feel:

Breath Monitoring Device

The Pneumö™

Our technology includes a patent-pending wearable Pneumö™, pronounced (new-mo), which combines breath rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate into a tiny wearable device.
App for Breathing

User App

Our app technology allows you to experience video practices, symptom indicators, and tools provided by professionals to journal, record, and track your health progress. It integrates with the The Pneumö™.
Professional Portal


Cloud technology allows you to expand your reach as a professional. Create and share digital practices, training, and research through various mediums, including videos, guided practices, journals, and more.
Breathing Resources


Access research material, videos, books, practices, and professional directories to connect you to the many facets of health conditions influenced by respiration.
Professional Breathing Expert


There are more than 43 different types of professionals teaching breathing methods today. We’ve created a directory to make it easier. Find and connect with an expert here.
Breathing Practices


View and download our library of breathing and awareness practices curated by professionals. Always consult your physician before beginning a new practice.

Our Digital Health Platform

Together, our point solutions provide an end-to-end explanation for understanding respiration. Professionals can work directly with users and researchers to solve the 3 U’s of breathing. We are an open platform, and we invite and encourage collaboration. 

Our goal is to be the premier HIPAA-compliant integrated platform that allows remote patient monitoring, better self-diagnostic analytics, and accelerated learning. Combining the right data—context, subjective, and objective data enables us to use AI to build new models of understanding breathing function and human performance.

Three U’s of Breathing
Respiratory Education

Solutions for Everyone

Our clients include individuals who want to improve their health, respiratory professionals and organizations wanting to educate patients, and pulmonary experts conducting research. Our business clients need a respiratory education tool for their employees’ wellness programs. Our data-driven approach helps everyone capture insights through better data to achieve better mental and physical health.

Breathing Tracker App

Get the Most out of Every Breath

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. 
Download your user app today. Start your health journey by defining how you breathe and feel.

FAQs About Breath Technologies

What is Breath Technologies?

Breath Technologies is a respiratory-focused digital healthcare platform that connects users, professionals, and researchers with real-world data to solve problems related to early identification and management of underlying health conditions such as cardiac arrest, stress, asthma, and anxiety.

How can understanding breathing help me?

According to research, the respiratory rate is a better indicator of cardiac arrest than the heart rate, yet we don’t track it in real-world situations. As a vital sign, respiratory rate is the most useful but least understood of the four vital signs. As a biomarker, breath uses include – early detection, diagnosis, and predictor for varied conditions such as childhood pneumonia, RSV, cardiac incident risk in everyone, especially women, covid, COPD, and mental health. As a health intervention, uses include improving human performance, solving mental health problems, and reducing pain.

What are the goals of Breath Technologies?

We have three goals:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of knowing how you breathe, using it as a health indicator with monitoring devices, especially in underserved communities that lack access to healthcare but have access to smartphones.
  • Be the premier and first platform for users, professionals, scientists, and researchers tracking real-world health needs related to respiratory conditions.
  • Provide tools for new research, including analysis of different breathing signatures as an early indicator of conditions like anxiety, asthma, and cardiac arrest with real-world data of real people.

In what ways do we understand or track our breathing?

  • Using breath as a biomarker and indicator to prevent emergencies and mortality, and understanding how to measure it. Here are some of the specific areas:
    Evaluate the effectiveness of various breathing patterns
  • Remote and real-world monitoring of breath movements through tools
  • Link breathing “signatures” to specific conditions using machine learning
  • Identify early onset or pre-onset breathing patterns
  • Track efficacy and duration of treatment of medicines, including mind-body interventions

Why do we need a platform like Breath Technologies?

Present-day technologies have a limited scope of giving real-time data and nothing which tracks your breath. We know we don’t breathe through our arms (smartwatches) or fingertips (pulse oximeters) or a tube (spirometer), and these technologies don’t connect symptoms to breath biodata or illness symptoms. That is a problem. We need better data to resolve health conditions.