Pneumö Force

Life is sustained through breath! And now, we offer you a revolutionary device to measure your vital life force — your breath. Introducing Pneumö Force, a device that will measure your breath anytime and anywhere, regardless of the conditions.

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Breath Measuring Device


Pneumö Force — The Game Changer

Pneumö™ Device

Shareable Reports

After Pneumö Force records your breathing data over time, you can easily document and share this valuable information in the form of reports with professionals

Measures Your Breath

Breath affects every organ in your body. Pneumö Force recognizes and analyzes different breathing patterns and gives you data about your breath. With data, you can develop key insights into your breath and then take action accordingly

Hands-free wearable

Pneumö Force is hands-free wearable comfortably designed to be worn on the torso, even discreetly under clothing

True Respiratory Rate

Pneumö Force uses advanced sensors for accurate and consistent breath measurement

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Resources for Better Breathing​

The Breath Technologies resource pages add a dynamic library to our digital healthcare platform. These resources are designed to accelerate progress on your journey to understand and use your breath for optimal health. We will continue adding resources that the community helps us curate and look forward to a time this will be the hub that people use to understand breathing complexities.

FAQs About The Pneumö™ Device

What is Pneumö Force?

Pneumö Force is a device that measures your breath anytime, anywhere, and under any condition. It is equipped with advanced sensors to measure breathing patterns in real time. We would like to call it the “thermometer” of your breath.

How does the  Pneumö Force work?

The device is equipped with tools like an accelerometer and gyroscope that measure your breath in real time. The data generated is recorded on the Pneumo app. You can access and share this data when you log in to the app.

Who can wear the device?

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 80 can wear a ‘Pneumö Force’ and it has been tested for such usage. We do not recommend using the device for anyone below 13 years old, because it is too small with batteries that can be accidentally swallowed.

Is the device comfortable?

Pneumö Force weighs 1.2 ounces and can be worn discreetly under your clothing. It is designed in a way so that you can wear it on your torso without any hassle. We have also designed a shirt that has a hidden pocket in the thoracic area. You can fit the device in the pocket and won’t even realize that you’re wearing something.

Is there any health implication of wearing the device?

The device has been tested in many phases, and it shows no hazardous implications on health conditions upon wearing it.

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