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Breath Technologies is creating a collective resource for those that want to learn more about how breathing practices can influence your physical and mental wellness. We like to call it the Rosetta Stone of Breath. We understand that breathing better is a leading indicator to connecting our mental and physical wellness. While breathing better is not the only answer, Breathwork can be a powerful tool to influencing how we feel and perform. Breathwork is practiced naturally in many professions where physical and mental performance is critical to success.

What does it mean to breathe better? How does breathing better help your health?  What does better breathing mean to improve sleep? How can breathing better increase concentration naturally? How can I reduce Covid breathing issues? How does breathing influence medical conditions like asthma or diabetes? Why does it matter that I slow down my breathing? These are some of the questions that we try to collective bring information together to learn more together. 

From physical health to mental power, use these self help videos on your way to breathing your best life. Enjoy a myriad of breathing exercise videos resources that show the variety of breathing techniques designed to help your health, Covid-19 breathing techniques, improve sports performance, runners, singing, and even meditation. Breath Technologies is not advocating for any particular breathing practice. We are creating the Rosetta Stone of resources so you can find your best one.

COVID-19 Resources

A Queen’s medical physician demonstrates quick tips to manage deeper breathing techniques while battling Covid-19 symptoms.

Covid breathing exercises to have a faster recovery as explained from a physiotherapist.

USF Health brings best practices to breathing exercises and techniques to help with the management of Covid-19 symptoms using an expiratory muscle strength training device.

Take 5 minutes to practice Pranayama breathing techniques to heal from Covid symptoms with a yoga and wellness coach.

Learn the wellness beginner’s breathing technique that might help you with stress relief and emotion regulation during COVID-19.

Dr. Mandell of Motivational Docs brings you a quick and easy exercise to improve your breathing habits through belly breathing. Belly breathing is a great exercise that can help strengthen your lungs. Practice this simple technique at any time of the day to release stress and keep your lungs strong and healthy.

Learn the wellness beginner’s breathing technique that might help you with stress relief and emotion regulation during COVID-19.

The post-Covid recovery can be hard as the lungs are the most affected. Try these breathing exercises at home suggested by the Art of Living foundation to improve your health and lung capacity.

Try these breathing exercises if you are still struggling with breathlessness, pacing and building your stretching again post-COVID.

Breathing exercises can be an important recovery tool for those weakened by the Coronavirus. Quickly learn how this COVID-19 survivor kept his mind and body active when moving his body was a difficult task.

Relaxation Techniques

This Calm Breath technique is a great example of how you can pause for 30 seconds and breathe deeper and better to reset your perspective.

This 60 second breathing technique is a quick reset to reduce stress and anxiety for those that are on the go.

Yoga with Adrienne is a practical 15 minute meditation practice to help reset your mental state, reduce anxiety and relieve stress. This practice is easy to follow along for beginners as well as a great refresh for those who already meditate but need a quick reset. 

Join popular Caroline McCreedy’s deep relaxation practices for deeper sleep. This is a longer guided meditation practice followed by peaceful music and ocean waves as you gain a restful night and drift off to sleep. 

In hard times you can use the power of your breath to help calm feelings of stress or anxiety. In this video, learn about Box breathing which is a simple relaxation technique that can help you ‘reset your breath’ and return it to its normal rhythm.

Cycling is a great cardio building sport that has many health benefits. In this video, learn how to breathe correctly while cycling.

Want to improve the quality of your sleep? Have a look at this video to learn how nasal breathing is vitally important for a deep and refreshing sleep.

Popular breath expert, Ask Dr.Jo shares this 4, 7, 8 breathing exercise also known as the “relaxing breath” technique. Follow along with Dr. Jo practicing this simple exercise aimed to help those who suffer from mental conditions such as anxiety and aim to help you fall asleep faster.

In this video, you’re going to learn how to breathe properly when singing with two simple inhalation exercises.

Enjoy the relaxing effects of deep breathing with this 4-7-8 rhythmic breathing exercise. This simple guided breathing technique helps in promoting relaxation and can also be practiced to help you fall asleep in a short period.

In this video, get familiarized with the Diaphragmatic Breathing or Belly Breathing technique and how it can help promote relaxation and stress reduction in adults and kids.


Lie down comfortably and take a moment to notice your thoughts. Quiet the mind and try to focus on the present with this Five-minute mindful breathing technique created by Epworth Clinic.

Learn pursed lip breathing technique with the American Lung Association to help control shortness of breath from asthma, COPD or other lung diseases

Marking Mental Health Awareness week, these three breathing exercises for anxiety can work wonders for your mind and body. Deal with anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks and palpitations by practicing mindfulness with these simple techniques.

Relax your body and mind with Alternate Nostril Breathing for a sound brain, healthy heart and strong lungs. Learn with Strength Coach, Yoga Instructor and Marine Vet Zach Zenio as he walks you along the steps.

Bring calm and relaxation to yourself and your baby with these breathing Yoga Asanas during pregnancy. Breathing exercises are great during pregnancy for you and your growing baby.

Breathing is often overlooked when it comes to dealing with ways to combat stress, anxiety and manage pain. Try these powerful breathing techniques suggested by celebrated physical therapists – Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck.

Based on the ancient pranayama yoga tradition, these techniques will help you lower anxiety and stress.Start and finish your day with these relaxing breathing exercises.

Use this deep breathing technique by Drs. Neda Gould and Dana DiRenzo from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to lower stress and improve mental health, lung function, and blood pressure.

If you are dealing with pain, changing the depth, frequency, and pattern of your breath can help a great deal. This is important especially when we are dealing with chronic pain. For instance, deep yogic breathing helps us relax our muscles for prolonged relaxation by increasing the parasympathetic response.

Breath management is a quick way to improve your singing. Here are some breathing exercises and postures to breathe better for professional singers.

Get your anxiety levels down instantly with the ancient breathing practice of Nati Sodhana. Alleviate insomnia too.

Get that burden of stress and anxiety down with Alyssia’s three-pronged approach. Harness the power of belly, equal and 2:1 breathing techniques.

Thousands of asthma patients have reaped the benefits of Buteyko breathing. Know more about the legendary Russian physician and his work.

Get your instant shot of energy and jump right back into the game naturally by just doing three rounds of breathing.

Unravel the intricacies of breathing to make it better with 5 easy steps narrated by award-winning author and science journalist James Nestor.

Learn how to undertake the 4-7-8 breathing technique with Dr. Weil. Relax to alleviate stress and anxiety with this simple exercise.

Improve Sports Performance Videos

A Proper breathing technique is especially important when learning to run properly or do any physical activity. 

Learn how to properly breath to improve your overall swimming performance even if you aren’t an Olympic swimmer.

Even singers need breathing techniques to improve their performance. Learn some of the needed techniques to sing better and improve your overall health.  

Take a peek into professional surfer, Laird Hamilton’s thoughts about breathing techniques to improve performance, beyond surfing. Learn some of his thoughts about why breathwork is important to improve athletic performance.    

Learn how The University of Michigan assembled a comprehensive resource guide in partnership with their athletes in order to manage stress and relaxation techniques for sports performance. 

Do you feel breathless when you go on a run? Learn about the science behind better breathing when it involves oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide. This knowledge can help you achieve better sports or health performance brought to you by the Sports Yogi.

Know the intricacies of how breathing helps to boost your sports performance. Listen to what Eric Cassey has to say.

Jesse Enkamp teaches you how to breathe correctly in Karate by using your diaphragm rather than your chest. In contrast to stressful chest breathing, belly breathing helps you relax. Use this breathing technique in kata and kumite.

Control your mind, technique and body in Karate leveraging the power of breathing. Learn how to breathe from the master himself.

Guided Meditation Practices Videos

A National accredited Hospital provides this guided tour to deep breathing exercise, relaxation, and mediation that assist you in reducing current stress and established a more balanced, natural breathing rhythm. 

Follow this 10 minute meditation guide to relax your mind and body. This guide provides a path to a more peaceful, restful state to reduce anxiety and depression.  

Follow this 15-minute guided meditation to lower anxiety and stress levels. Try to relax and release tension from your mind and body. Practice this guided meditation to nurture gratitude, peace, and positive energy.

Follow along with this accredited hospital videos from Mass General Hospital Revere. Dr. Mirsky leads a guided breathing exercise to help with relaxation of your mental and physical state.

Feeling fretful? This brief guided mindfulness meditation can help bring you out of distressing thoughts back into the present moment. Practice mindfulness meditations regularly to enhance the quality of life and overall well-being.

Watch this video to learn a 10-minute guided meditation that will help you seek a serene state, within just a short period of time. Focusing on breathing can amplify mindfulness and enhance the clarity of your mind.


Looking for ways to boost your energy? Get an energy cleanse with this 5-minute guided meditation. This instruction allows you to process and let go of past burdens. It can help you cultivate positive energy to start a new day.

Tummo breathing is an ancient Buddhist breathing practice. It is known for boosting your immune system, reducing stress, and giving you an extra dose of energy. So, here is a guided session on the breathwork exercise..

Delve into your senses and get your inner peace back with this simple practice that leverages an easy breathing technique.

Don’t be sleep deprived due to stress. Practice this easy yogic breathing technique and give your body the required rest.

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