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The Breath Technologies’ professional directory offers a user-friendly database, showcasing breath experts and their top-rated practices.

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World Class Professionals

Breath Technologies gathers the finest breathwork experts from around the world, dedicated to addressing your respiratory concerns. Each is certified, highly regarded, and comes with strong recommendations

Easy to Search

Our directory is designed for user convenience, boasting easy navigation and intuitive manual search capabilities

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Users can seamlessly locate their preferred professionals and practices by sifting through diverse categories, sub-categories, and even by location


Professionally curated and detailed, you can review practitioners’ credentials and specializations, accompanied by certified videos available for free access and download

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Resources for Better Breathing​

The Breath Technologies resource section is a dynamic addition to our digital health platform. It is crafted to propel you forward on your journey to harness the power of breath for optimal health. With continued contributions from our community, we aim to enrich these resources. Our vision is to evolve into the go-to hub for demystifying the intricacies of breathing.

FAQs About The Professional Directory

What is the professional directory?

Breath Technologies professional platform is a cloud networking space for all kinds of breath professionals and user, where they can share, connect and resolve breath related issues.

What will the directory have?

The Breath Technologies professional directory will give you access to the world’s best professionals, with the videos, practices and demonstrations with their contact details.

How will I find what is required for me?

The directory has categories and subcategories, including location, name, specialty, voice, and other manual search to find the right solutions for your needs.

Do I need to sign up to access the Breath Technologies Professional Directory?

No, you do not need to sign in or register to access the directory. You can use any Breath Technologies portal to avail the guides for information. However, to use their professional practices, you need to create an account and download the app.

Will my personal information and case study be kept private, secure and confidential?

All the information you share on any of our platforms will be encrypted and stored with high security and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

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