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This directory provides information about various breathing practices and professionals focused on respiratory health.

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The Breath Technologies resource section is a dynamic addition to our digital health platform. It is crafted to propel you forward on your journey to harness the power of breath for optimal health. With continued contributions from our community, we aim to enrich these resources. Our vision is to evolve into the go-to hub for demystifying the intricacies of breathing.

FAQs About The Breath Practice Directory

What is this platform all about?

Our cloud storage platform enables professionals specializing in respiratory practices to easily upload their techniques, making them accessible to users at any time for a seamless connection.

How do I find the practices?

To get started, you have two options for creating an account: you can either use the BreathPro app or sign up on the Breath Technologies portal. If you’ve already registered on the BreathPro app, there’s no need to repeat the process on the portal.


Once your account is set up, navigate to the ‘Practice’ section within the user app. Here, you can choose from two categories of practices: ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Awareness.’


While you can browse through all available practices on both the app and the portal, it’s important to note that the actual practice of breathing exercises is exclusive to the app. However, from the portal, you can still view, like, and download practices, and conveniently access them through the BreathPro app.

Can I directly connect with breath professionals?

Yes! Breath Technologies’ platform lets you connect directly with a network of accredited breath professionals who provide customized solutions based on your needs and health problems. You can also connect with them directly with the contact details provided in their bio.

What is the policy on data sharing?

All communication you chose to share in the Breath Technologies platform is encrypted and can only be shared with your consent. We do not control information you choose to share outside of the platform.

Can I share the reports from my practices on social media?

You have the flexibility to transform your practice records and reports into personalized shareable files, making it effortless to upload them to your preferred social media platforms. We offer easy-to-use click-through access to these platforms, enabling seamless sharing.

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