We all recognize the importance of breathwork and breath control exercises, especially for athletes and swimmers who rely on their breath for endurance and strength underwater. In the best-selling book ‘Breathing Under Water’, author Father Richard Rohr guides you through 12 steps and 12 spiritual principles to better understand your challenges and find solutions. This book comes with an accompanying journal that allows for personal reflection. It offers a space to write your thoughts and feelings, engage in discussions with a community, and seek answers that are meaningful to you.

‘Breathing Under Water’ is essential reading for anyone looking to embark on a deeper spiritual journey. Father Richard Rohr emphasizes that tackling our problems alone is not the solution; acknowledging the role of faith and God is crucial. This book serves as a self-help guide for those who have faced suffering and pain, showing how breath control methods can be combined with faith in God to achieve higher spirituality and greater wholeness. Through the accompanying journal, the book also provides tools that help readers understand their individual challenges and solutions.

The book delivers insights and guidance on the healing process for various issues and dependencies, emphasizing the power of faith and breathing techniques in personal transformation.

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