Providing the Missing Link Between Breath and Wellness.

Welcome to Breath Technologies!

A Platform for Professionals and Users

The Breath Technologies platform puts the power of breathing better into action to help you improve your overall wellness.

We support a combination of education, breath professional communication, a strong community, in-platform practice and breath tracking system. We are defining how you breathe with new data.

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According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people suffer from either acute or chronic respiratory conditions.

The Breath Technologies platform can help you understand and improve your breathing, leading to better health.

Resources for Better Breathing

Real World Benefits for Yogis Doctors Students Athletes Vocalists Therapists Coaches Patients Specialists Everyone

Breath Technologies is a wellness platform that combines a robust app with our proprietary Pneumö breath measurement device, and insights from the world’s leading breath professionals to help you find your way to health through breath.

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The Community is in the Platform

The Breath Technologies platform was created to be a real time breath measurement tool, breathing practice hub, community forum, resource center and data source all in one.

The app can be used alone, but when it’s combined with our proprietary breath tracker, the Pneumö, and cloud based platform, it’s an incredible source of accurate and true-to-state data. 

Friendly breathing technology

The Science is in the Technology

The Pneumö (pronounced new-mo) is a small wearable device that uses wireless, motion capture technology to measure your breath wave, heartbeat, and oxygen levels in real time.

This data is then uploaded to the Breath Technologies app where it is transformed into useful data.

Professional Portal

Our Professional Portal provides a suite of tools for everyone teaching breath practices. This includes over 43 fields of study ranging from psychology to sports medicine.  Our technology tools provide competitive advantages for your practices including:

  • Easy to create, share and evaluate content
  • Improved student user experience
  • Validate your practice with real time data
  • Elevate your profile with new markets 
  • Inclusive platform for all teaching styles
  • Add new revenue channels 


Learn more on our Professional Portal page or contact us for a demo.

Our Mission

Bright Lungs

At Breath Technologies, our mission is to help the world improve overall emotional and physical health by improving breathing habits. To do that, we are revolutionizing the wearables industry to bring you the missing link.  We like to think we are building the Rosetta Stone of Breath, a technology platform using real time data to provide missing links to measure, train, study and communicate healthy breathing practices.

Why missing links?  There is a missing communication between you and your natural unrestricted breath wave pattern. Today, people tell you to breathe deeper or better but you can’t measure it. This missing link is the way you can better communicate with your friends, family, community and healthcare professionals.

Our founders invented better tools and technology to solve this problem. Our Pneumö breathing device and platform have been designed to give better data on pain, anxiety, breath, mental state and health through new breath technologies.  We are also creating a global community of experts to share knowledge and interpret this data. We are on the journey together to a happier, less stressed, more health and wellness conscious lifestyle. Read more about us here!