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BreathPro offers you the chance to learn breathing techniques from the right professionals for the right purpose. With handpicked breathing professionals spanning from medical to athletic to spiritual, BreathPro connects you with an elite network of experts effortlessly. We are also offering hundreds of diverse practices that will help improve your breathing.

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An All-In-One Platform For Evidence-Based Breathing Practices

On BreathPro, traditional yoga meets Western wellness and performance experts with breathing exercises designed for more than just relaxation. We provide a wide range of evidence-based breathing practices aimed at boosting lung capacity, enhancing athletic and vocal performance, and aiding recovery from COPD and Long Covid and other such conditions.

The BreathPro Difference

BreathPro is a unique platform where multiple breathing professionals converge under one roof, offering a diverse array of practices for various applications. Immerse yourself in the experience with the three Fs: accurate and high-fidelity sessions, free breathing exercises and the convenience of having it all at your fingertips.

The Essence Of BreathPro

Millions struggle with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, often facing the hidden costs of traditional treatments. Here’s where BreathPro changes the game by tapping into the power of breathing. We often overlook the subtle yet profound impact of our breathing patterns. But BreathPro delves deeper into your breath, using data as a guide. Armed with this insight, you’re empowered to make informed decisions.

Your User’s Journey

Crafting your user’s journeys has never been easier. Discover, create, and share practices with BreathPro Studio 2.0, guiding users through their transformative breathwork journey.

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Regularly practice using the app to record your breathing data.

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Share your data with the BreathPro team for validation and to aid in app improvement.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Breathing’s potential is often underutilized because of its subjective nature and scarce data. But BreathPro bridges this gap. Backed by solid data, you can now harness your breathing with clarity. This also puts you firmly in control of your breathing journey, empowering you to utilize your breath’s full potential with precision and assurance.

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