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Calm Breath, Calm Mind

- A Guide to the Healing Power of the Breath
 Author: Geshe YongDong Losar  Category: Health and Fitness  Publisher: Simon and Schuster  Published: June 21, 2022  ISBN: 1614297800  Pages: 200  Language: English  Tags: Ancient Breathing TechniquesBreathing Techniques to Calm the MindThe Healing Power of BreathThe Healing Power of the Breathtibetan breathing techniques |  Amazon Kindle  Barnes & Noble

Calm Breath, Calm Mind is the elixir of life, and each breath sends vital information to our heart, brain, and lungs through the central nervous system. This system manages critical bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, pain control, and immunity. Despite its significance, many of us overlook our breath, considering it an automatic and unconscious activity. However, breath carries profound potential as an early indicator of various diseases, including cardiac arrest, renal failure, gastroesophageal issues, diabetes, COPD, and mental health conditions. It’s time to awaken to the importance of conscious breathing.

Breathwork, or the practice of intentional breathing exercises, has a rich history spanning centuries and diverse cultures. Yogic and clinical practitioners alike rely on breathing exercises for diagnosis and prognosis. As Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Vietnamese monk and spiritual leader, wisely noted, “To master the breath is to be in control of our bodies and minds.” This assertion holds true, supported by years of evidence demonstrating how conscious breathing maintains balance and enhances the body’s functions.

In the land of spirituality and Buddhism, Tibet, and neighboring India, ancient traditions have harnessed the healing power of breath for mental clarity, emotional well-being, and physical vitality. Referred to as Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese, and Tummo in Tibetan, these practices offer accessible methods to attain calmness, strength, energy, clarity, focus, and improved physical well-being.

Geshe YongDong Losar, a scholar and monk from the Bön tradition of Tibet, shares his profound knowledge in the book ‘Calm Breath, Calm Mind: A Guide to the Healing Power of Breath’. Drawing from years of study and practice, Losar emphasizes the untapped potential of our breath to heal and transform our lives. These techniques serve as a natural and medication-free approach to prevent and treat physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Explore these methods and incorporate them into your daily routine for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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