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Breathing Space

- Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman
 Author: Katrina Repka  Category: Health and Fitness  Publisher: Hyperion  Published: December 30, 2008  ISBN: 1401303471  Pages: 256  Language: English  Amazon Kindle  Barnes & Noble

In the ‘Breathing Space’ book, author Katrina Repka writes about her journey after moving to New York City, eager for a fresh start. However, she quickly realized that her old problems had followed her. Feeling more lost than ever, she stumbled upon an article about Yogi Alan Finger and knew she needed to meet him. In the months that followed their meeting, Katrina overcame many obstacles that had been holding her back. The book covers topics such as criticism, emptiness, balance, family, and creativity, offering breathing exercises at the end of each chapter to assist in personal transformation.

The ‘Breathing Space’ book enables modern women to understand that breath is a superpower filled with endless possibilities. The book focuses on helping you see yourself clearly, filling you with radiance and strength. It encourages readers to transcend conventional thinking and shed self-destructive tendencies. The power of breath restores equilibrium in personal relationships and balances the inner and outer worlds. By utilizing the power of your breath, you can reveal your true inner self, linking your mind and heart to remove obstacles that hinder progress. The book aims to help you overcome hesitation, connecting you with your true self for a better life.

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