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Breath Technologies’ Professional Portal where practitioners can create and implement their validated practices with users through videos, images, and demonstrations.

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Professional Breathing Portal


The Breath Technologies Portal - Your Own Virtual Studio

Breath Technologies Professional Platforms
Breath Technologies Professional Platforms

Promote Yourself

Create and share breathing related content such as videos, practices, checklists, trackers based on various categories and your specialty.

Create Own Practices

Choose from four different types of practices through video, dynamic, journaling and awareness tracking tools.

Data Driven

Evaluate the performance of a practice in one glance through data-driven analytical reports and metrics.

Exclusive Practice

Create exclusive practices for private sharing with users, conduct direct consultations, and promote public practices to share with everyone through the app.

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Resources for Better Breathing​

The Breath Technologies resource pages add a dynamic library to our digital healthcare platform. These resources are designed to accelerate progress on your journey to understand and use your breath for optimal health. We will continue adding resources that the community helps us curate and look forward to a time this will be the hub that people use to understand breathing complexities.

FAQs About The Portal

What kinds of practices can I create in the Breath Technologies Professional Portal?

We have four types of practices:

  • Awareness: Awareness practices allow you to collect subjective information from your users in the form of checklists or sliders which can be used for diagnosing problems, evaluating symptoms over time or training awareness of their inner experience.
  • Video: Video allows professionals to guide and coach users through video clips.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic uses sound, voice, images and animation to create a dynamic experience for your users.
  • Journal +: Journal + allows you to create an interactive training process with your users.

How do I create a practice?

Here’s how to create your practices in 5 easy steps in the workshop. First, is your preparation checklist, which we’ve included for you here. After that go directly to the workshop and input your data; preview it and then publish it on the web or app.

Can I integrate my existing practice into your system?

Yes, We’ve made it easy for professionals to upload their video and print practices on our Breath Technologies Portal. As soon as any breathwork professional registers with us, they can begin uploading existing video and print content. Professionals can upload all of their content at once or add them over time and users will be notified of it.

Can I promote my Breath Technologies profile and my practice?

Absolutely! The Breath Technologies platform is an extension of your brand. Your profile and practice are designed to share your expertise and content with others. The more you promote, the more people will see it–which benefits you and your business.

Does Breath Technologies own my practices after they are published?

No. However, you grant a broad sublicense for public practices so that we can share the information with interested parties. There is no grant of a sublicense for exclusive practices.

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