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This directory provides information about various breath practices and professionals focused on respiratory and wellness needs.

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Beneficial, high-rated and recommended practices based on research and rated as helpful for existing users

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Public practices are free of charge, but some are available only to those who directly connect with the breath professional for personal consultation.

Connecting the Respiratory Community with Those in Need

We are a platform that connects you with the missing links to better health and wellness.

Resources for Better Breathing

The Breath Technologies resource pages add a dynamic library to our digital healthcare platform. These resources are designed to accelerate progress on your journey to understand and use your breath for optimal health. We will continue adding resources that the community helps us curate and look forward to a time this will be the hub that people use to understand breathing complexities.

FAQs About The Breath Practice Directory

What is this platform all about?

It is your cloud storage platform which allows all professionals focused on breathing needs to upload their practices for user friendly application and connection with users access anytime.

How do I find the practices?

You can log in to the portal directly as a user or via the Breath Technologies app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s iStore. To find any practice, you have to register with the Breath Technologies User portal located in the Breath Technologies app.

Can I directly connect with breath professionals?

Yes! Breath Technologies’ platform lets you connect directly with a network of accredited breath professionals who provide customized solutions based on your needs and health problems. You can also connect with them directly with the contact details provided in their bio.

What is the policy on data sharing?

All communication you chose to share in the Breath Technologies platform is encrypted and can only be shared with your consent. We do not control information you choose to share outside of the platform.

Can I share the reports from my practices on social media?

At your option, practice records and reports are easily converted into customized sharable files which can be uploaded to social media. We provide click through access to platforms to allow you to share easily.

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