The Advantages of Nasal Breathing Over Mouth Breathing

nose vs mouth breathing

Do you ever think about how you breathe? Breathing is an automatic function, happening without our conscious effort. Surprisingly, between 30-50% of adults breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. It’s crucial to be aware of how you breathe. Breathing through the nose is fundamental for our overall well-being.

While both our nose and mouth allow us to breathe, they have distinct effects. Many aren’t aware of these differences. Nasal breathing offers numerous benefits: it enhances airflow to our veins, arteries, and nerves, increases oxygen intake, improves lung capacity, strengthens the diaphragm, and promotes better sleep. On the other hand, mouth breathing can signal health issues and carries risks such as bad breath, exposure to pollutants, asthma, tooth decay, sleep apnea, and snoring. A Healthline article delves deeper into the advantages of nasal breathing over mouth breathing.

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