How Does Nasal Breathing Enhance Athletic Performance?

September 20, 2023

Imagine engaging in high-intensity activities like exercising, running, hiking, dancing, lifting weights, or even just brisk walking. Now, pause and reflect: are you breathing through your nose or mouth? Many individuals tend to breathe through their mouths, especially as exercise intensity escalates. However, emerging insights suggest that mouth breathing might not be as efficient as nasal breathing during physical exertion.

Our noses are anatomically designed to support the respiratory system, whereas the mouth initiates the digestive process. Nasal breathing is gaining recognition for its efficacy in athletes, as it facilitates a greater oxygen supply to the body’s active tissues. Conversely, mouth breathing during strenuous activities expels more carbon dioxide, resulting in reduced oxygen levels in the blood. A study involving runners revealed that nasal breathing increased the oxygen intake ratio and decreased carbon dioxide output. Dive into the findings of Jae Burman from The Washington Post to learn more about how nasal breathing can enhance athletic performance.

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