How Breathing Exercises Help With Covid-19?


With the persistence of Covid and the emergence of new variants like Omicron, mask-wearing remains a crucial preventive measure, limiting our intake of fresh air outdoors. Given these circumstances, it’s timely to revisit breathing exercises and techniques, as recommended by Healthline, to potentially mitigate the severity of respiratory symptoms. Deep breathing exercises can also help alleviate the stress many are experiencing during these challenging times.

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive effects of breathing practices on the parasympathetic nervous system. This system plays a key role in managing anxiety and stress by promoting relaxation. Techniques like slow and diaphragmatic breathing enhance lung efficiency, helping individuals cope better with the physical and mental strains of stress.

Lung inflammation, a prevalent symptom among Covid patients, can impede breathing. The virus affects the entire respiratory tract, potentially leading to complications like asthma attacks and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Regular breathing exercises can fortify and clear the lungs, offering relief to those with respiratory issues or lung diseases.

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