What Causes COPD to Aggravate and How?

September 20, 2023

Are you suffering from COPD? You know you are already fighting a big battle to cope with the related issues, but what about a sudden increase in existing problems? Are you aware of the triggers, symptoms, therapies, and solutions? Sixteen million of the US population is affected by it, but hardly people know about the spike in issues which can lead to critical situations and even death.

Symptoms of COPD exacerbation usually start with breathing difficulties with more mucus and fluid production in the lungs, less energy in doing regular tasks, decreased exercise performance, sleeping disorders, body aches, and overall lousy quality of life. If one with existing COPD suffers from such problems, a quick doctor visit is necessary to avoid critical situations. Also, knowing the symptoms aggravating COPD and its preventive measure is very important. Since the symptoms vary from person to person based on their physiology, treatments are also varied. However, some common signs to detect COPD aggravation are primarily it lasts for several days and even weeks, persistent cough, tiredness, more mucus production and discoloration, fever, and so on. Find more about COPD and how to identify its severity from this article on MEDICALNEWSTODAY.

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