Breathing stands as a vital and significant life indicator. Through studies, research, papers, videos, and the growing presence on social media, breath awareness has surged, especially in the post-pandemic era. It has spurred curiosity, practices, techniques, and methods aimed at enhancing our overall health and well-being.

Renowned author and award-winning science journalist, James Nestor, delves into a discussion on various breathing techniques designed to improve your breath and gain insights into where and how your breathing might be amiss. By now, we all recognize that breathing is pivotal for our health and well-being, as we repeat this act 25,000 times daily. However, it appears that many of us struggle to breathe correctly, potentially leading to severe health consequences.

In this video, James Nestor elucidates five transformative approaches to breathing. These encompass expanding your lung capacity, ceasing mouth breathing, and unraveling the hidden science behind age-old breathing practices that address problems and offer solutions. Studies and research have demonstrated that even minor adjustments in our breathing patterns can yield remarkable benefits.

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