Is stress and anxiety an ongoing part of your life that never seems to go away? What do you do to combat it? In meditation practices designed to relieve anxiety and stress, instructors guide you to relax specific muscles that support breathing until you feel comfortable. This process helps you achieve relaxation and visualize calmness, a healing light, and serenity that alleviate your concerns and challenges. The effectiveness of the practice depends on the severity of your mental state and level of anxiety.

This meditation can be practiced for just a few minutes or extended for longer periods, depending on the healing you seek. In this 15-minute video by Lavendaire, you can learn to relax and release tension from both your mind and body. This practice is highly beneficial for beginners and those dealing with anxiety; it allows you to experience gratitude, positive energy, happiness, and peace. The meditation technique includes gentle neck stretches, total body relaxation, positive affirmations, and visualization, all designed to calm a racing mind and regulate irregular breathing.

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