The importance of deep breathing and its benefits have been widely discussed for years. This conversation has gained even more significance in the post-pandemic world, where breath has become a crucial indicator for disease detection, especially with the alarming increase in respiratory issues. But how do you perform deep breathing exercises?

When practiced daily, deep breathing exercises help expel accumulated stagnant air from the lungs, increasing oxygen saturation levels and aiding the diaphragm in promoting more effective breathing. Deep breathing offers a multitude of proven benefits, including increased energy, enhanced attention and focus, improved digestive function and immunity, better stress management, anxiety reduction, lymphatic system detoxification, and reductions in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, among others. Simply dedicate 15 minutes of your day to deep breathing exercises for an improved quality of life.

To delve deeper into this practice, watch this YouTube video uploaded by the City of Hope channel. It will guide you through performing deep breathing exercises in just 15 minutes each day.

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