How often have you been told to sit up straight? Have you ever experienced shoulder and back pain and wondered if your poor posture might be the cause? Posture and breathing rate are closely linked. Your posture affects not only your skeletal structure but also your respiratory patterns.

Good posture involves the correct alignment of the head, spine, and rib cage. Contrary to popular belief, slouching shoulders are not the sole cause of pain; it’s also about your overall posture, which is influenced by your breathing patterns.

Your breathing affects the position of your rib cage, spine, and head. In turn, this influences the positioning of your shoulder blades, which are designed to slide over the rib cage. Multiple studies have confirmed that poor breathing habits adversely affect the alignment of the head and shoulder blades, leading to both poor posture and respiratory issues.

By focusing on optimal diaphragmatic breathing through your nose, you can alleviate body aches and improve your posture. An article on CNN Health features Dana Santas, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and mind-body coach in professional sports. She provides effective posture and breathing exercises to help you maintain good posture and reduce pain.

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