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Debabrata Banerjee
Breathing coach Debabrata Banerjee
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Language known: English

I am here to share with you the power of your breath. I have over 12 years of experience teaching people to use their breath for relaxation, reducing stress, sleep soundly, etc. I am well-versed in different breathing and relaxation techniques and combine ancient knowledge with modern science in my teaching.

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Debabrata Banerjee
I help people practice breathing techniques through my business. I talk to people about breathing, conduct practice sessions, and help people live better.
Debabrata Banerjee Debabrata Banerjee Kolkata, West Bengal, India
My Business Profile
Business Profile
Five Finger Breathing | a simple guided breathing exercise for kids
In this video I walk you through a super simple breathing exercise that you can teach to the children or young people in your care (or that you can use yourself). It's a summary of the 'finger breathing' or 'take five' breathing exercise you might have used elsewhere. You could use this video in class and try it out in realtime, or you can learn the technique and then teach it to your kids. Let me know how you get on and leave a comment with suggestions for other techniques you'd like me to share in a future video.
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