Benefits of Nasal Breathing


Have you delved into the remarkable benefits of exclusively breathing through your nose? James Nestor, a science journalist and author of “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art,” emphasizes that “We derive most of our energy from breathing, not from food or drink.” Remarkably, our bodies process an average of 30 pounds of air daily, far outweighing the combined intake of food and water. This fact underscores why we can endure weeks without food or water but only minutes without air. Recognizing the significance and advantages of nasal breathing is fundamental in yoga practices.

Many experts concur that proper respiration — inhaling and exhaling slowly through the nose while keeping the mouth closed — is immensely beneficial. Ancient civilizations revered respiration through your nose as a form of medicine, a wisdom that seems to have faded in modern times. The practice optimally regulates airflow to the lungs, ensuring efficient energy use, while, in contrast, inhalations and exhalations through your mouth demands more energy.

To further understand the health and wellness benefits of choosing nasal breathing, explore the article on USA Today.

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