Breath is Your Body’s Natural Way of Relieving Stress

Breathe Reliever

Everyone encounters stress, but numerous methods can help mitigate its effects. Activities like exercise, taking a long hot bath, practicing yoga, listening to music, and receiving a massage have all been recognized as effective stress relievers. However, one of the most underrated stress-relief techniques is something you’re engaged in at this very moment: breathing.

Deep breathing not only provides relaxation and calmness but also impacts the heart, brain activity, digestive system, and immune system. Dr. Mladen Golubic from the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine emphasizes the profound connection between our breathing patterns and overall physiological health. Conditions like asthma, COPD, and cardiac arrest can be influenced by breath control and exercises. Notably, individuals who incorporate these breathing techniques into their routines tend to have longer lifespans than those who don’t. Gretchen Cuda’s article on NPR delves deeper into this subject.

Studies indicate that breathing exercises can produce immediate changes in blood pH levels and help regulate blood pressure. Training in breath control can equip you to better manage stressful scenarios and keep anxiety in check.

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