Japanese Scientists Have Developed a Security Tool for Breath Detection

Biometric system

Biometric authentication uses fingerprints, facial and voice recognition, and even the eyes as a security tool to identify people, especially in public spaces like airports, workplaces, stations, etc. Some Japanese scientists from Kyushu University intend to revolutionize breath authentication security tools using breath detection methods to identify people. What could be more fascinating than this? In the first testing phase, the accuracy data was ninety-seven percent; however, testing continues to make it a hundred percent authentic and data proven. One of the scientists working on this project states that breath detection has far more potential advantages over other biometrics as a security tool.

The emergence of human scent as a security authentication process is an emerging trend since there has been a shift to understanding and recognizing breath as a vital sign or biomarker for various critical illnesses. Breath is being used as a preventive measure for early detection, recording, and collecting everyday data of individuals. The skin releases gasses, initially used for detection, but it has limitations as certain things for authenticating data were not full-proof. Click the link below from a Newsweek article on the progress of this marvelous tool.

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