Health and Benefits of Nasal Breathing by James Nestor

December 22, 2022

Are you aware of the astounding benefits that come from breathing entirely through your nose? James Nestor, a science journalist and author of Breath: The new science of lost art says, “We get most of our energy from breath, not from food or drink.” Our body processes an average of 30 pounds of air everyday as opposed to few pounds of water and food combined – the reason why one can survive for weeks without food or water, but just a few minutes without air. Understanding the importance of breathing is of most primary importance, as it is complicated to learn breath control. It cannot be achieved in weeks like going to the gym.

Experts have agreed to the benefits of breathing properly, which is breathing slowly and with your nose, keeping your mouth shut. Ancient cultures believed nasal breathing and breath practices to be their medicine, which seems to be forgotten today. Nasal breathing regulates the amount of air getting into the lungs, so that you have enough energy as opposed to breathing from the mouth, which requires more energy during inhalation and exhalation. Take a look at the article from to discover the health and wellness benefits to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

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