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What is the Breath Technologies Practice Directory?

The Breath Technologies platform includes an online practice directory to find practitioners and professionals with their best practices to improve health. The practices are then organized in a directory separate from their profile for easy searching. We have sourced a catalog of thousands of practices and a myriad of professionals to deliver respiratory-influenced practices through the Breath Technologies platform at breathtechnologies.com.

How will the Breath Technologies Practice Directory help me?

This practice directory helps all users with the following features:

  • Learn new practices from certified breath professionals.
  • Connect with the professionals to form a client relationship.
  • Review highly rated practices by the audience.
  • Save and download accredited respiratory techniques, journals, and awareness. and breathing practices to the Breath Technologies App for any time of usage.
  • Find the best practices for your breathing and health needs.
  • Understand the numerous tools available to help you advocate for your health journey.
What are the features of the Breath Technologies Practice Directory?

The Breath Technologies practice directory connects the respiratory community with those who most need it. Four key features of the directory include:


  • All Inclusive – No other platform includes a comprehensive library of respiratory practices that can impact your physical, mental, and emotional health. Review all the categories and find the best practice and professional that meets your unique breathing needs.


  • Easy-to-navigate – Optimized for keywords related to your health needs, categories, and sub-categories for specific conditions or geographic locations near you. It also includes manual search options. All are available on one platform.
  • Helpful practices – Highly rated by users, and recommended research-based practices are available. New practices are added daily by professionals.
  • Sign up and download – Practices can be downloaded offline anytime. You only have to register on the Breath Technologies app.
  • Free features – Most activities and practices are accessible to the public. Premium practices can be provided directly through personal consultation from the breath professional through the directory and Breath Technologies app.
What practices can we find in the Breath Technologies practice directory?

The Breath Technologies practice directory has four kinds of practices: Video, Dynamic, Journal +, and Awareness. It is a comprehensive library of practices that you can sort to achieve your optimal health objectives.

What is a Breath Technologies Video practice?

The Breath Technologies Video section of the directory allows you to review content produced in video form through multi-media video instructions for practices delivered through the Breath Technologies app.

What is a Breath Technologies Dynamic practice?

The Breath Technologies Dynamic section of the directory allows you to review content produced using imagery, sounds, voice, and animations delivered through the Breath Technologies app. This section is designed to create an engaging and impactful visual tool to assist in the teaching and practice of respiratory techniques.

What is a Breath Technologies Journal+ practice?

This Journal+ practice section of the directory allows you to review practices created to journal and record how you feel. It can be associated with your other practices in the app. This is designed to connect how you feel with your breathing to give you a complete picture of your health.

What is a Breath Technologies Awareness practice?

Awareness practices allow you to collect subjective client information through checklists and sliders, which can diagnose problems or evaluate symptoms over time. Review these practices in the directory for a better symptom tool.

How many practices can a professional add to the Practice Directory?

A professional can upload unlimited practices in the Breath Technologies practice directory. We recommend that you not upload more than one similar title to the directory and choose the keywords to optimize users’ findings of your practices.

How do I find the Breath Technologies practice directory?

All public practices are available on the Breathtechnologies.com website. The directory is listed on the website and is accessible from the Breath Technologies app.  Professionals create practices in the Breath Technologies professional portal and then publish them on the Breath Technologies website under their profile and under the practice directory. Professionals can also create private User specific content and practices and share them directly with the user through the Portal and Breath Technologies App. Users can review all public practices through a desktop or mobile device.

Can a user connect directly with breath professionals?

Yes! Breath Technologies’ platform gives you direct access to a network of accredited breath professionals who can provide customized solutions based on your needs, breath, and health problems. Just click on their Breath Technologies Professional Directory bio for more information. This is located on Breathtechnologies.com.

How do users benefit from the practice directory?

The benefit of using the practice directory is that you get access to your digital breath and wellness health records, which you can use to evaluate your health needs. You can also create custom reports on your subjective state (how you feel over time) –and those reports might help you understand yourself better. Sharing these reports with friends, families, and doctors may help them know how you feel–and even drive research into understanding the human condition.

Will the Breath Technologies practice directory promote the practices?

Practices created by any breath professional will be published on our website, social media channels, and in the clouds of our breath professionals’ minds. These SEO-optimized pages are designed to be easily found by search engines as long as you know where to look. We also publish any website addresses provided by professionals and all their practices on our social media platforms, creating a backlink to their sites to generate more traffic through SEO optimization.

How can users access the Breath Technologies app to download practices?

Sign up for the Breath Technologies app with your Google or Apple Play Store account. Create your profile and review the professional or practice directory through your app on your mobile device.

Note: We recommend consulting your medical professional before trying a new health routine.

Next, review the practice best for you and download it to your personal profile options. Start breathing and tracking! Review your progress using the practices over time and connect with breath professionals on the app or website to help you breathe better.

How are practices validated before being listed in the Breath Technologies directory?

All practices uploaded by breath professionals get user feedback by creating a public practice and publishing it. The number of objective downloads, views, usage, likes, and subjective user feedback validates practices. Validating practices this way makes them effective for use cases and long-term validation. People can track personal changes over time by using an app to share the data they collect about their habits. It can be mapped to biodata and turned into reports you can share with your doctors, family, friends, researchers, and social media.

Can a professional publish existing content or practices in the directory?

Using our professional portal framework, professionals can reuse your existing content, such as videos and training processes, to publish in the directory as new practices. Each practice has a specific format to publish, so you don’t have to upload all your content simultaneously. Contact us for more information regarding bulk uploading of professional practices at support@breathtechnologies.com.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here.

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