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What is Pneumö?

Pneumö is a small wearable, wireless Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled device that captures and records your breathing motions, heart rate, and pulse oximetry in real-time. We like to call it the missing link of your health.

Why do I need a Pneumö?

Who doesn’t need a Pneumö? How you breathe is an indicator of your mental, emotional, and physical health and is your most important vital sign not properly tracked today. The Pneumö can track your breathing habits during daily activities and real-life stressors. This is new consumer biodata that isn’t available. Most current technologies to measure your breathing are done through a device worn on the wrist. We all know that you don’t breathe through your arm. The Pneumö connects through an app so that you can track your biofeedback and journal your health for a better you.

What does the word Pneumö mean?

The name Pneumö is derived from the word pneumometer. Pneumo means “lung or breath,” and meter means “to measure”. We shortened the word pneumometer and added an umlat symbol to symbolize the two oxygen molecules needed to breathe. Welcome to the Pneumö brought to you by Breath Technologies!

Is there more than one Pneumö device?

Yes! Breath Technologies is developing multiple products and solutions under the Pneumö brand to define and measure real-world breathing. How you breathe is complex and can be measured in different ways to accommodate different needs. Whether you are trying to track your breathing for singing or anxiety, or sleep apnea conditions, Breath Technologies has the right solution for you. Learn more or sign up for information at breathtechnologies.com.

How does the Pneumö Force work?

The Pneumö Force uses the latest IoT (Internet of Things) and motion sensor technology to record and track biodata, including respiratory data. The Pneumö Force is designed to be small, lightweight, and inconspicuous under your clothing so you can track your biodata without focusing on it. The biofeedback collected, including your breathing to produce a breath wave, is viewable on the Breath Technologies app. The Breath Technologies app is a comprehensive app to monitor, track, record, and view your biodata, along with tools to track your mental health, including journaling, awareness trackers, and breathing practices. When solving our health journey, we wanted a single platform to consolidate today’s many apps and devices. Welcome to the Breath Technologies platform and the Pneumö.

Can I share my Pneumö data with friends, family, and doctors?

Yes! Your data is stored in your phone and viewed in the Breath Technologies app. Social media lets you track any symptom, condition, or biodata to share with your medical professional, family, or friends. The Pneumö reports are available from the app to share, save, email, or download in .xls and PDF formats. A cool reporting feature includes the ability to edit or delete any line item in any report so that you control the information shared. You will want to explore the different breathing techniques and practices professionals provide using your Pneumö on the Breath Technologies app!

Is the Pneumö comfortable?

Yes! Pneumö Force clients rate its’ comfort 4.5/5 stars. It weighs less than two ounces and can be worn underneath clothing on a strap that stretches with your breathing. Many devices on the market today require you to be still or sleeping to measure breathing. We have designed the Breath Technologies wearable devices to fit your active lifestyle. It has been calibrated for sports activities like running and jumping.

Who can wear the Pneumö?

The Pneumö is designed for everyone that breathes. We advise that it not be worn by small children because its small parts and batteries are dangerous to be accidentally consumed.

How can the Pneumö be worn?

The Pneumö Force is worn around the thoracic or chest area of your body under your clothing on a stretchy material strap. It is worn close to your lungs so the motion capture technology can track breathing motion. We focused exclusively on the ergonomic design and miniaturization. The size of the device is smaller than 3 x 2 inches. The Pneumö moves seamlessly with your breathing, so you can wear it all day without noticing it.

What biodata does the Pneumö track?

Today, the Pneumö Force tracks your heartbeat, oxygen or pulse oximetry, and respiratory or breath rate in real-time using motion sensor technology.

What is critical in your health journey is understanding how your biodata matches how you are feeling and what is influencing your biodata (subjective experiential data). You will see your live or recorded biodata matched with your subjective symptom tracking as a single time stamp record on the Breath Technologies app.

We have developed proprietary firmware to incorporate other sensor technologies in the Pneumö for future releases. To learn more, sign up at breathtechnologies.com.

Where can I see the Pneumö device output?

Pneumö provides live playback features in the Breath Technologies app if you want to watch your breathing in real-time. For all-day wear, choose the Pneumö passive feature, which records offline. Then you can watch the recording in playback or share it with your professional. Learning how you breathe can unlock secrets to your mental and physical health.

Do I need a Bluetooth connection to track and record data?

Like most health trackers, the Pneumö Force device uses a Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller to communicate and store data. So it would be best to always connect to Bluetooth when you want to monitor your health or capture data. Wifi is also included.

Can the Pneumö device be worn during intensive workouts and gym sessions?

Yes! The Pneumö Force has been tested and verified to be accurate during high-intensity activity, including gym sessions and running. It’s comfortable, worn on an elastic strap, and easy to wear. You can wear it throughout the day while performing daily chores or exercise.

How can I access the databank of the device?

All your data is stored on our cloud storage platform, which is encrypted for safety and security. You can access it online or offline using the Breath Technologies app. The app integrates with the Pneumö device to track, view, and record real-time data that can be used as a clinical report for consideration in your next doctor visit. Think of it like a digital diary!

What happens to all the data that the Pneumö collects?

All your data is stored on our cloud storage platform or locally in the phone based on your preference selection, which is encrypted for safety and security purposes. For any privacy or data management questions, please see our Breath Technologies Privacy Policy at https://breathtechnologies.com/privacy.

What is the battery life of the Pneumö Force?

The Pneumö Force features 16 MB of memory flash storage, which supports over 24 hours of local recording, and has a battery life of over 24 hours of local recording. It’s powered by a 450 mAH lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using a standard mobile phone charger. The battery can last longer based on an active or passive recording of breathing data being processed through CPU capacity.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here.

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