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Why do we need a Rosetta Stone of Breath?

 It took over a thousand years for Egyptologists to decipher hieroglyphics. Then they discovered a data model called the Rosetta Stone, which linked different languages together–and from there, it was only a matter of time until the mystery was solved. This data model was known as the Rosetta Stone. To understand breathing, we need another Rosetta Stone that links together the different languages of breathing. These languages or data types are subjective (how you feel), objective (what your body is doing), and environmental (where you are). We will have created the key to deciphering our respiration by linking these data types.

  • Access to a myriad of professionals sharing their best practices.
  • Find practices based on symptoms or conditions according to your needs.
  • Connect with the Pneumö™ to connect real-time respiratory rate, heart rate, and oxygen level data while tracking your subjective symptoms.
  • Create comprehensive reports on the practices you follow, custom notifications, and reminders, and share your practice reports with your doctor or physician or consultant or family, or friends.

There are so many features you must see for yourself. The Breath Technologies App is the most comprehensive health tracking app in the marketplace to connect your mental and physical health needs with real-time biodata to give you a better picture of your health! Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play here.

Why is it challenging to get real-world respiratory data?

Getting access to respiratory data can be difficult. Only a few apps, devices, and tools track and record natural breath during real-world stressors and events. Although technology constantly improves, it must give us the correct type of real-world data in a suitable format. Breath Technologies digital healthcare platform for breathing aims to get better data through its multiple integrated software and hardware tools.

Who can use the Breath Technologies platform?

The Breath Technologies platform is for everyone who wants to breathe better, feel better, and help others live a better quality of life. It can be integrated with any existing wellness plan or health regimen. Doctors and coaches are already using it with their patients and athletes. Still, it’s open to anyone who wants to use it —including yogic practitioners, researchers and scientists, motivational leaders, corporate wellness plans, and most importantly, everyday users.

What is the Breath Technologies platform?

The Breath Technologies platform is a central hub of data and communication for breath professionals, researchers, and everyday users. Designed by a team with more than 50 years of technology and platform software experience, this multifunctional integrated platform allows breath professionals to create and implement new practices; it also will enable researchers to collect data from users to improve their research findings. This is the first digital healthcare platform that defines breathing and connects various stakeholders to improve their practices and connect with their users through virtual spaces.

What does the platform offer for breath professionals?

Breath Technologies makes it easy for professionals to create profiles for your business and personal life that can be published across the platform. Breath professionals can create public and private practices for users to follow and validate those practices with user feedback and real-world data. They can also host meetings in virtual spaces with their users, send interactive push notifications, promote their brand, and enhance their business automatically by expanding their reach to more people.

What is the Pneumö™ Force?

The Pneumö Force is a small wearable, wireless, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled device that captures and records your breathing motions, respiratory rate, heart rate, and pulse in real time. We call it the missing link of your health, which tracks your breathing patterns in real time during real-world stressors.

How does the BreathPro app work?

The Breath Technologies app allows you to generate and share reports from your records over social media, email, or other platforms. You can share your subjective experience of the app and the techniques you’ve learned from it. The app has comprehensive data reporting using time stamps to track your breathing, heart rate, and oxygen levels by monitoring the slightest movements in your diaphragm. It also indicates your physical state and comments on your mental state, creating a comparative tool for training techniques to improve your breathing. Paired with the Pneumö (sold separately), its application is best; however, one can use it alone. The app is your record and report tracker of all motions this handy device captures during doctor visits or working out at home. Download the BT app now.

Why do we need a platform like Breath Technologies?

People live longer and healthier lives by understanding their health data and taking control of their wellness. Understanding our key vitals and biometrics are critical to solving the puzzle of better health. Yet, we lack a universal way to track our breathing patterns as a society. We all know we don’t breathe through our arms (smartwatches) or fingertips (pulse oximeters) or a tube (spirometer), and these technologies don’t connect symptoms to breathing biodata or illness symptoms. That is a problem. We need better data to resolve health conditions. And that’s where Breath Technologies step in. With our real-time data-driven platforms and approach, we bring all breath professionals and everyday users under one roof to understand breathing better and be aware of symptoms for underlying breath health conditions.

What resources does the Breath Technologies platform have?

Breath Technologies offers a wealth of information on its website to help you understand the effects of breathing disorders and how to overcome them, including blogs, research articles, news, videos, books, and more. You can also interact with experts through the user and professional portals. Sign up today to access the Pneumö Force device and BreathPro app. It’s easy to get started!

Can I connect with respiratory professionals on the Breath Technologies platform?

Yes! Breath Technologies’ platform, including the website, portal, and app, lets you connect directly with a network of respiratory professionals from different industries. They can provide customized solutions based on your needs and health questions. Their contact information is available in their bios on our website. In addition, you can connect with them through the app or follow their publications.

Who can use the practices shared on the platform?

Practices are free for anyone to use. Exclusive practices are premium because they are customized to a single user created by their health professional. Users can record, measure and track their health and share any part of their journey with friends and family. Profiles and practices of breathing professionals will be published in the app and other platforms, which can be accessed anytime. Corporations can implement these practices in beneficial employee and health programs and conduct workshops for individuals practicing breathing exercises or who have breath-related health problems.

What value does the platform provide to medical researchers?

Observing and tracking respiratory data under real-world circumstances has been a limitation for real-world medicine until recently. Our platform and team understand the value of collaborating with researchers through our Breath Technologies R&D lab on the Professional Portal. Research is critical to advancing our scientific knowledge of how our respiratory rate can be a predictive and indicative biomarker for our health and wellness. Validated mind and body interventions are just one of the many ways breathing patterns and connected subjective and objective data sets can reveal new respiratory standards. We are proud to partner with several universities in this pursuit today. Our R&D Lab can create, track, monitor, and publish studies connected to respiratory needs. This comprehensive portal also has features like Classroom for virtual meetings or events and In-App Messaging. 

What is the Breath Technologies platform designed for?

The Breath Technologies platform is designed for individuals,

professionals, researchers, and organizations to track, measure, record, and understand respiration and its many health applications. Here’s a guide to how it works –

  • Users wear the Pneumö™  to monitor breathing, heart rate, and pulse. 
  • The mobile app displays Pneumö™ biodata through comprehensive reporting and live playback tools, plus record how you feel, study, and practice your breathing techniques in multimedia formats with multitudes of resources.  
  • Professionals use the portal to create and share practices.
  • The professionals get their practices validated from the results.
  • The practices are followed by individuals who benefit from them.

The resources provide valuable research and information across the platform.

How is the Breath Technologies platform securing our data?

Our digital healthcare platform has end-to-end security features and mobile and cloud databases that use AES 256 encryption technology. See the Breath Technologies privacy policy and data usage policy at breathtechnologies.com/privacy. 

What kind of data can users and professionals in the Breath community access from the platform?

We at Breath Technologies aim to provide the tools to users and professionals to generate new respiratory data during real-world activities in real-time. Understanding our most important vital sign and how it intersects with our mental and physical health is critical. We can better understand our health by connecting our feelings (subjective experiences, symptoms, conditions) with how we breathe (physical data from diaphragmatic breathing, heart rate, and pulse). We believe if you can connect these missing links between different data types–such as subjective and environmental–into a single data set to understand breathing correctly, we can help people have better health data using respiration as a biomarker for feeling better. 

What is the mission and objective of the Breath Technologies platform?

Breath Technologies aims to be the premier integrated platform for remote patient monitoring and self-diagnostic analytics. We combine context, subjective, and objective data to build new models of understanding breathing function and human performance. We want to help people feel better by providing tools like a forum, portal, app, and device. We seek professionals passionate about respiratory care who want to help people feel better and build long-lasting partnerships with us to become the leader in respiratory tools and data platforms.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here.

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