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FAQS About Breath Technologies
Breath Technologies

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What is Breath Technologies?

Breath Technologies is a respiratory-focused digital healthcare platform that connects users, professionals, and researchers with real-world data to solve problems related to early identification and management of underlying health conditions such as cardiac arrest, stress, asthma, and anxiety.

How can focusing on breathing benefit people with underlying health conditions?

Research shows that the respiratory rate is a better indicator of cardiac arrest than the heart rate, but it’s not used in real-world situations. The respiratory rate can be more indicative or valuable than other vital signs, but most people need to learn its importance because it isn’t easily tracked. The respiratory rate can be used to detect, diagnose and predict childhood pneumonia and RSV infections; it can also help doctors identify risk factors for cardiac incidents, people with COPD, and mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. It can even be used to enhance the performance of athletes or soldiers, solve mental health problems like pain management and reduce the effects of stress on our bodies. Read more details about respiratory rate research at Breathtechnologies.com/Research. 

What are the goals of Breath Technologies?

 Breath Technologies has four goals:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of knowing how you breathe and feel and how respiration influences the human condition. 
  • Provide new, never before used consumer health data to inform people about their mental and physical health performance.
  • Be the premier and first platform for users, professionals, scientists, and researchers tracking real-world health needs related to respiratory conditions.
  • Provide tools for new research, including analysis of different breathing signatures as an early indicator of conditions like anxiety, asthma, and cardiac arrest with real-world data of real people.
How do we understand or track our breathing?

Breathing is an under-appreciated but essential part of our lives. We use it to talk and sing, we use it to fight stress and cure disease, and it affects every anatomical system we have. Specifically, science shows, and we have built a platform to demonstrate how to measure breath as a biomarker. This information could be essential to prevent emergencies and mortality. Leveraging new technologies like machine learning, we can monitor breathing movements through wearable devices and connect them with how you feel. Hopefully, professionals and users can identify early onset or pre-onset breathing patterns affecting their health. For example, using the Breath Technologies platform, you can track the efficacy and duration of treatment of medicines–including mind and body interventions–utilizing the breath.

Why do we need a platform like Breath Technologies?

Present-day technologies generally cannot give real-time data on your breathing patterns or track them during stressful events. We know that we don’t breathe through our arms or fingertips, and these technologies don’t connect with subjective symptoms to understand your overall health. That’s a problem. We need better data to resolve health conditions. And that’s where Breath Technologies step in with our real-time data-driven platforms and approach–to bring all breath professionals and everyday users under one platform to understand breathing better, be aware of symptoms for underlying respiratory-influenced health conditions and improve overall wellness.

How is Breath Technologies connecting breath with technology?

Breathing is a natural part of life that we all take for granted. Until we can’t breathe correctly, that is. Millions worldwide suffer from breathing problems, but until recently, there was no way to measure our breathing patterns or how it changes during stressor events. Breath Technologies aims to be the premier digital healthcare platform that provides the missing links to measure, train, study, and communicate how we breathe and feel. Our platform includes the Breath Technologies app, the revolutionary device Pneumö™, and the Professional Portal. We also have additional respiratory tracking tools in development, so stay connected to learn more!

What is the Pneumö™?

The Pneumö™ is a portable, tiny, wearable, wireless, highly efficient breath-measuring device that enables sensors to detect breath motions and patterns in real-time in all activities performed throughout the day. It is Breath Technologies’ Pneumometer’. The Pneumö™ can track heartbeat, oxygen levels, and other critical vital signs besides breath waves and store them as recorded data.

How does the Breath Technologies App function?

The Breath Technologies app allows you to generate and share reports from your records over social media, email, or other platforms. You can share your subjective experience of the app and the techniques you’ve learned from it. The app has comprehensive data reporting using time stamps to track your breathing, heart rate, and oxygen levels by monitoring the slightest movements in your diaphragm. It also indicates your physical state and comments on your mental state, creating a comparative tool for training techniques to improve your breathing. Paired with the Pneumö (sold separately), its application is best; however, one can use it alone. The app is your record and report tracker of all motions this handy device captures during doctor visits or working out at home. Download the BT app now.

What is the Breath Technologies User Portal?

Breath Technologies’ User Portal is a virtual space where users can access varied practices and create and implement their practices with other users through videos, images, and demonstrations. Users can get in touch directly with professionals for further guidance.

What does Breath Technologies offer to professionals?

Breath Technologies provides a seamless multichannel virtual platform for breath practitioners to create, share and preserve validated practices with users. The company’s comprehensive platform allows professionals to connect with other professionals and communicate with other users without any third-party intervention.

What resources can I find on Breath Technologies' website?

Breath Technologies offers a wealth of information about breathing and breathing-related health conditions. You can interact directly with professionals in the field, sign up for free access to our Breath Technologies app, purchase or learn about the Pneumö™ device, and access research material, videos, books, media, and blogs on the website.

How will Breath Technologies protect and secure user data?

We at Breath Technologies take your privacy seriously. We follow the seven data protection principles and do everything to empower users with their information and secure data privacy. Please review our privacy policy for details at breathtechnologies.com/privacy.

What does the platform have for everyday users who are not breath professionals?

Breathing is the foundation of life, and it’s something we do without thinking. But did you know that there are different types of breathing? That’s where Breath Technologies comes in. Our website is dedicated to helping everyone understand what types of breath techniques or symptom trackers are available, how they work, and why they matter through videos, news articles, blogs, and more. Users can also connect with breathing professionals here and obtain consumer health data through wearable devices.

Where can I find breathing practices on Breath Technologies?

You can log in to Breath Technologies’ portal directly as a user or via the Breath Technologies app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s iStore. The Breath Technologies website and app contain various breathing practices and techniques. You can begin practicing, recording, and tracking your breathing habits here. Please consult your medical professional before starting a new practice to ensure it’s right for you. Breath Technologies is excited to share with you a marketplace of experts right in the palm of your hand!

Can I connect with respiratory professionals on the Breath Technologies platform?

Yes! Breath Technologies’ platform, including the website, portal, and app, lets you connect directly with a network of respiratory professionals from different industries. They can provide customized solutions based on your needs and health questions. Their contact information is available in their bios on our website. In addition, you can connect with them through the app or follow their publications on it.

What is the mission of Breath Technologies?

Our mission is to become the premier HIPAA-compliant platform that allows remote patient monitoring, better self-diagnostic analytics, and accelerated learning. Combining the correct data–contextual, subjective, and objective–enables us to use artificial intelligence to build new models of understanding breathing function and human performance.

Do I need the Pneumö™ device to use the Breath Technologies app?

No, you do not need any  Pneumö™ device to use the app. The app is for all users for breath awareness, tracking, and preventive purposes. However, if you want to integrate a biodata feed, you will need the device  Pneumö™ to generate biodata that connects how you feel with how you breathe at the moment. It is a more complete picture of your health.

How is Breath Technologies different from other breath platforms?

Our technology is designed for everyone and provides more features than just an app or a device. We are a single open platform that makes accessing breath solutions easy for professionals, users, researchers, and business wellness programs. We provide new ways to review and track your health data. We are a premier marketplace where users, professionals, and researchers can collaborate, contact and communicate with each other.

What is the Breath Technologies platform designed for?

The Breath Technologies platform is designed for individuals, professionals, researchers, and organizations to better understand the breath and its many applications. Here’s how it works – 

  • Users wear the Pneumö™  to monitor breathing, heart rate, and pulse. 
  • The mobile app displays Pneumö™ biodata through comprehensive reporting and live playback tools, plus record how you feel, study, and practice your breathing techniques in multimedia formats with multitudes of resources.  
  • Professionals use the portal to create and share practices.
  • The professionals get their practices validated from the results.
  • The practices are followed by individuals who benefit from them.

The resources provide valuable research and information across the platform.

What is the scope of the Breath Technologies Professional Portal?

The Professional Portal uses technology to connect professionals with users on a single platform. It allows professionals to create best breathing practices and symptom trackers from their user profiles, share news about breathing, gather information from others, conduct research and development, and more.

What kinds of practices can professionals create in the Breath Technologies Professional Portal?

We have four types of practices: Video, Dynamic, Journal +, and Awareness. Video lets you guide users through video clips; Dynamic uses sound, voice, images, and animation to create an engaging experience for your clients. Journal + enables you to create an interactive training process with your clients. It has multiple stages and can include elements like images or text boxes that get filled in as you progress through the course. Awareness practices allow you to share best practices using checklists and sliding scales, which users can use and share to evaluate symptoms over time. 

What can people gain from the Breath Technologies Platform?

For starters, professionals can expand their clientele and reach a broader range of clientele by leveraging our Breath Technologies enterprise-level software tools, publishing multi-media practices to the user app, and obtaining real-time validation feedback from users. It offers professionals efficiency and cost savings and leverages technology in new ways like remote monitoring to validate and solve health conditions. Users gain access and knowledge and enhance their health and well-being by having one comprehensive tool to connect with professionals and manage their feelings and breathing. People want to understand the human condition and track better and solve chronic conditions like pain, asthma, and anxiety. This platform benefits researchers as new respiratory patterns and data will become more widely accepted and validated through new respiratory data never collected in real-world conditions. Welcome to Breath Technologies!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here.

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