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What is the Breath Technologies professional directory?

The Breath Technologies professional directory is a digital information space about various breath professionals whose practices focus on respiratory health and wellness needs. This directory allows professionals to upload their practices for better access to a broader audience looking for better breathing and health tools. Users can review these profiles to learn more about the professionals and their fields of expertise. The professional directory gives access to profiles and contact of renowned and certified breath professionals, highly rated courses, and download practices in the Breath Technologies app. Explore the professional directory now for the right professional for your breath and wellness needs.

How will the Breath Technologies professional directory help me?

The Breath Technologies professional directory will help you find the best breath professionals in the world, describing their expertise, practices, and contact information. Our goal is to continue growing our directory to become a valuable resource for anyone looking for a breathwork practitioner or teacher–whether they’re looking for someone to help them breathe better or they want to become a professional themselves!

How can I find what I need from the professional directory?

Over 43 breath professions or industries use breathing practices as a basis for their study. There are thousands of different techniques and tools from these professionals waiting to be discovered. The professional directory is organized by categories and subcategories: location, name, specialty, ratings, followers, credibility, and other manual searches. It is easy to use and convenient to access from your desktop or cell phone from https://breathtechnologies.com

Do I need to sign up to access Breath Technologies professional directory?

No. You don’t need to sign in or register to use the professional directory. However, you must create an account and download the free app to access the practices created and uploaded by the professional. Simply put, any user would be required to download the Breath Technologies app to avail of any services the directory offers, except for viewing the professionals’ profiles.

What is Breath Technologies' privacy policy for information available to the public from the directory?

The professional creates a public profile for the directory from the Professional Portal. This includes name, business, languages, and primary contact information generally found on your website or public directories. There is a self-review and preview process when creating practices or content to ensure no private information is shared with the public. The professional will choose when, how, and to whom the content is shared. For more information, please review our privacy policy at breathtechnologies.com/privacy.

Will the directory let professionals create or upload their practices? If Yes, then in what forms?

Yes, by registering and creating an account on the Professional Portal at breathtechnologies.com, all breath professionals can use the directory to create a profile and customize settings per their preference. Then they can create and upload practices broadly categorized under the following types – video, dynamic, journal, and awareness practices.

Who can register in the professional directory? Are there any specific guidelines?

Professionals wanting to create and share content should sign up at Breathtechnologies.com. Breath and other wellness professionals are welcome to apply for free! Your application will be reviewed, and approvals provided. We want to hear from you if you have unique experiential and scientific or medical content and a following to help people breathe better. We take pride in the quality of content and experienced professionals who share their experiences with the Breath Technologies community and audiences. All professional applications will be reviewed for credentials, experience, and certifications. Once approved, you can start creating and sharing content on the Breath Technologies portal and app.

Where do I create my profile in the Breath Technologies Professional Directory?

Once approved through the breathtechnologies.com application, you can create your Breath Technologies profile in the Breath Technologies Professional Portal. There are easily navigable tools, checklists, and guided instructions for professionals to create profiles. Breath Technologies indexes professional profiles based on your information and expertise so that more viewers can find you. This complimentary profile can be linked to your existing website or professional LinkedIn profile. Start promoting and expanding your brand today.

What information do I need to create my professional profile?

It is effortless to create your profile in the portal. There are instructions listed there in case you need support. 1. Log in to the Professional Portal 2.) Input your profile information – Name, Profession, Business, Media, Events, Practices, live sessions, testimonials, images, website, and even a video of your business 4) Preview your profile for accuracy; 5) Hit the Publish button. Your information will now be live on the Breathtechnologies.com website and viewable to all audiences, including those using the app. You can share hyperlinks to invite others to follow you or begin publishing your content. Learn more from the Professional Portal FAQ.

Can I integrate my practice into the Breath Technologies Professional directory?

Yes, our platform has been designed with ease of use in mind. As soon as you register your profile with Breath Technologies, we provide a dashboard for you to create new content or use existing practices in our Breath Technologies Portal workshop. We also offer various tools to help expand your practice, including video uploads and dynamic breathwork tracks. https://breathtechnologies.com/faqs-portal-workshop

Can I promote my Breath Technologies profile and content?

Absolutely! The Breath Technologies platform is just one tool in your branding arsenal. Your profile and practice are purposefully designed to share your expertise and content, which gets more people interested in you over time. The more you promote yourself, the more people see you, eventually benefiting you and your business. You can link your existing social media and website to the Breath Technologies profile. Also, you can share the Breath Technologies link on your website and promote you are creating content there. Lastly, you can use a URL link to invite others to follow your work on Breath Technologies platform, including the website and the app. These are all free features included with your Breath Technologies enrollment. 

How does a Breath Professional benefit from this professional directory?

The Breath Professional directory creates a marketplace with other coaches, therapists, doctors, and organizations easy to expand your visibility, reach, and practices. It’s an easily searchable database of professionals on one platform. The SEO-optimized personalized webpages of the directory widen your network and business. Breath Technologies promotes you and your brand through integrated multi-channel platforms and social media visibility.

12. Why should I include myself in the Breath Technologies professional directory?

Breath Technologies professional directory is a one-stop shop for breath and wellness professionals. You get access to a customized bio, practice video, and directory of all your information in one digitized space. You can browse experienced breathwork professionals in this directory to find the best practices and resources for breath health needs and connect with users to expand your network. Along with the directory is an extension and tool for your brand. Your profile and practice are purposefully designed to showcase your expertise, benefiting you and your business as more people see it.

How do users find breath professionals in the directory?

The Breath Technologies directory is easy to use, with a user-friendly format allowing you to find the professionals per your current or other breath health needs. You can filter through categories and subcategories from multiple aspects of breath-related aspects and problems to find exactly who you’re looking for. Go to Breathtechnologies.com/professional directory to know more about this.

Who are breath professionals?

A breath professional is a general category but can be any professional focused on using breathing practices and wellness methods to improve a client’s health. However, they do not have to focus only on breathing to improve their health. A breath professional may be a medical doctor, a corporate leader, a health and wellness expert, a sports coach, a vocal coach, or even a therapist. They can use our comprehensive platform to conduct practices with a larger audience, highlight their brand and build databases.

Will the directory be visible to all parts of the Breath Technologies platform?

Yes, the entire directory will be visible and accessible to anyone who visits our breathtechnologies.com website, downloads the Breath Technologies app, or uses the platform.

How is the Breath Technologies directory securing our information and data?

Our digital storage facility keeps all your information shared with us safe and secure. Our database archives all your published or unpublished works, courses, documents, videos, and data. Compliance and security are fundamental, so we use end-to-end encryption with Google’s most secure servers and database to avoid data breaches. Your safety and privacy are our top priority, so we are committed to giving you a secure digital experience. We do not sell or share your information to any third parties.

How do I gain from registering in the Breath Technologies professional directory?

We give professionals a space to reach new audiences and expand their business to a broader range of demographics. All our platforms are SEO optimized, meaning breath professionals can build a higher engagement rate for their business without paying anything. Additionally, users don’t have to pay anything to download the app to access the professional directory. But to avail of any information or practices, all users must download the app and create an account.

Do I need to separate my professional and organizational profiles for the professional directory? If so, why?

People love to learn more about the person they work with and the company they represent. It is crucial to growing your professional reputation and the corporate brand. We’ve put the instructor information first, followed by the organizational details, and separated them for better search results and optimization.

Why would I create a Breath Technologies directory/portal when I already have an existing audience in my social media and web platforms?

Our practice directory offers ease of business, extending your current market reach with excellent marketing opportunities. We give you a network of professionals, researchers, free media publications, and technology to connect your business with the world. We are a complimentary service provider and not a competition. Our portal and app bolster presence, organize content and validate practices for enhanced visibility and credibility. These are some reasons why you should consider being in the directory.

Will the practice directory be published only on the website?

The Breath Technologies practice directory is provided on the website directly and is accessible and integrated through the Breath Technologies app. Professionals will choose which of their practices to publish once they are created in the Professional Portal. Any edits to practice after publication will take up to 24 hours to be updated on all platforms.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here.

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