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Who is a Breath Professional?

A Breath Professional is an expert in a field, using breathing methods to improve the health of a client, patient or audience. You may be a medical doctor, a corporate leader, a health and wellness expert, a sports coach, vocal coach, or therapist. The industries are extensive!

As a Breath Professional, you can use our comprehensive platform to support your message and build your data. This direct communication between you and your audience lets them to share their breath metrics, allowing you to use their breath wave to better work with or treat their breathing dysfunctions. 

Welcome Professionals, to Breath Technologies!

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Professions using breathing practices inspired by Dr. Peter Litchfield at Breath Coaching Federation.

Breath Professional Portal

Our Breath Professional Portal is a gateway to a collective community of individuals and professionals focused on better breathing habits. It’s the missing link between breath practice and true state and allows a user to share their data directly with you, the Breath Professional.


Use the portal workshop features to create a robust in-platform experience for your patients, clients or students that’s easy to interact with in real time.

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Your personalized portal is set up in a few easy steps, immediately creating a customized web page and in-app feature.

Professionals Dashboard


Add credibility to your business, brand or methodology and get proof for your practice with real time validation from users.

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Gain access to the entire Breath Technologies audience to expand the reach of your message and grow your community.

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Your clients and students can choose to share their breath data with you, allowing you to more accurately guide them. As biometric data is shared, you gain a more precise understanding about natural breathing habits and have data-backed proof of your method’s  positive effect. 

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What are The Benefits to Joining The Breath Professional Portal?

  • Customized web page and in-app feature (and easy set up!)
  • Video upload capabilities 
  • Organized information and general practice sharing
  • Real time feedback from your users
  • Insights about how users naturally breathe to tailor their breath plan
  • Competitive advantage by leveraging technology for your practice 
  • Communication tools for a superior professional/user experience
  • Expanded reach of your practice and 1:1 connection
  • Access to a new audience of engaged students 
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How Does The Breath Technologies Platform Work?

The Breath Technologies platform is a complete support system for better health through better breath. It will provide validation through the subjective experience of breathing and recording how a person feels before and after a practice.  This is how it works:

  • Users download your practice to the app
  • Users practice, record and prepare a report
  • Users publish and share with professional  
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