Unleashing the Power of Breath: Suzanne B. Diaz, Co-Founder of Breath Technologies, Shares Her Success Story on The Business of Life Masterclass Podcast.

Tampa, Florida, Prepare to be inspired as Suzanne B Diaz, the CEO, and co-founder of Breath Technologies, takes center stage in an exclusive interview on The Business of Life Master Class podcast. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Barb Zant and Debbie Lundberg, this captivating episode will be available for streaming on both YouTube and Spotify.

The Business of Life Master Class podcast delves into the triumphs and trials of extraordinary individuals who have embraced every opportunity to thrive in life and business. Each episode, succinct and powerful, features guests answering four thought-provoking questions in under 25 minutes.

In this particular episode, Suzanne Diaz shares her remarkable journey and how the simple act of breathing has become a catalyst for her success. As the co-founder of Breath Technologies, Suzanne is at the forefront of a pioneering respiratory-focused digital health platform. Breath Technologies seamlessly connects users, professionals, and researchers, providing invaluable real-world data to address critical health conditions, including asthma, anxiety, and cardiac arrest.

During the podcast, Suzanne passionately emphasizes her best practices, including sharing the profound link between breathing and focus. She illuminates how breathing practices are intimately intertwined with one’s daily routines and activities, unveiling the secret behind the achievements of professionals and successful individuals. Suzanne sheds light on how one’s breath can serve as an indicator of emotional well-being and reveals techniques to regain focus and clarity through conscious breathing.

Notably, Suzanne acquaints listeners with her routines, including the renowned 4-7-8 breathing technique utilized by breath professionals to alleviate stress and anxiety, facilitating a renewed sense of purpose and productivity. This powerful tool is poised to revolutionize the lives of those who adopt it, providing a pathway to heightened mental and emotional well-being.

About Suzanne B Diaz, CEO and co-founder of Breath Technologies:

Before co-founding Breath Technologies, Suzanne was the Treasury Management Southeast Regional Sales Executive for PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. She spearheaded a team of seasoned professionals, delivered innovative solutions to diverse clients, and generated millions in revenue for the company.

With over two decades of experience in treasury management, banking, leadership, retail, and technology, Suzanne’s background is diverse. She holds an impressive educational background, attending Harvard University’s Secondary Program to study Law and American Government and earning dual degrees in Management and Political Science from the University of Florida.

Suzanne has received numerous prestigious awards, including the 2014 Florida West All-Star Winner and the Most Valuable TM Market Sales Leader Award in 2015, 2016, and 2021. She actively engages the community and serves on the boards of influential organizations such as JA of Tampa Bay, Women in Technology & Entrepreneurship, NEW, Miss Tampa Foundation, and the USF College of Business Digital Marketing Advisory Board. Her dedication to empowering others has led her to become a sought-after keynote speaker for esteemed organizations like FICPA Chapters and the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insight into Suzanne B Diaz’s remarkable journey and learn the transformative power of breath in this captivating episode of The Business of Life Master Class podcast. Tune in on YouTube or Spotify and discover the keys to success within each breath.

About The Business of Life Master Class Podcast:

The Business of Life Master Class podcast is a thought-provoking series hosted by Barb Zant and Debbie Lundberg. The podcast showcases extraordinary individuals who have achieved exceptional success in life and business. Through engaging interviews and insightful conversations, the podcast aims to inspire listeners to reach their full potential.

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