Battling with anxiety and stress is a common problem of daily life, but some people go overboard with anxiety issues that drive panic attacks. These, or many of us of this kind, resort to some form of anti-anxiety or stress medication daily. Instead of going to a doctor and spending money on medication, there is a natural treatment to combat anxiety with no side effects. Well, it is nothing other than practicing breathing exercises and breath control. All required is 15 minutes of your day to start with mindfulness exercises that will guide you to practicing breathing exercises and breathwork to treat anxiety problems.

It has been proven that deep breathing helps lower heart rate, stress, and anxiety. As you breath slow and more deeply from your abdomen, your nervous system gets a signal to calm down. There are varied breathing exercises to combat anxiety, like abdominal breathing, lion’s breath, breath focus, deep breath, guided breathing, yogic breathing, and so on. In this video by Mind over Munch channel, learn some guided breathing exercises to treat your anxiety issues naturally.

Treat Your Anxiety Issues by Practicing Breathing Exercises

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