The entire world has been talking about deep breathing and its benefits for years now, more so when breath has become a vital sign for disease detection, especially in the post-pandemic world where breath and lung problems have increased at an alarming rate. However, how to perform deep breathing exercises?

When and if practiced daily, performing deep breathing exercises help gets rid of the accumulated bad and stale air from the lungs, increasing oxygen level saturation and helping the diaphragm to make you breathe better. Deep breathing has many benefits, which have been proven by all breath practitioners, like – increased energy, attention, and focus, improved digestive system and immunity, better stress management and reduction of anxiety, detoxification of the lymphatic system, lowering blood pressure and sugar, and so on. Just perform deep breathing exercises in 15 minutes of your day for the betterment of life.

Learn more from this YouTube video uploaded by the City of Hope channel to learn how to perform deep breathing exercises in just 15 minutes each day.

How to Perform Deep Breathing Exercises in 15 Minutes?

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