Stress is the five-lettered word we all have in common, and so is breath. The word stress is synonymous with activities and chores of daily life, which often do not let us relax, and it leaves us battling with panic attacks, anxiety, short attention span, and other problems. Breath control and some practices work like magic to combat the stress and anxiety of daily life and help to relax better. All that is required is to implement them as a daily routine, keeping aside a few minutes to practice them. By now, with so many videos we have been introduced to, we know how breathwork is both essential and vital in our lives, especially incorporating deep breathing practice.

Deep or belly or diaphragmatic breathing enables more air into the lungs, enabling more oxygen supply to the blood, body parts, muscles, and nerves that reduce stress and anxiety, helping to improve attention span, focus more, lower pain levels, control blood pressure and heart rate, which enables us to relax and calm down. Learn more breathing techniques from this NHS video, which will help you to relax better.

Breathing Techniques to Battle Stress and Help in Relaxation

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