Names of Yoga Breathing Exercises to be an Anxiety Fighter

December 21, 2022

We have been stressed, anxious, or panicked at some point in our lives. During these moments, you have also been asked to take deep breaths, which is difficult, as our distress takes over breath control. Science shows deep breathing techniques and yoga breathing exercises immediately help to calm your mind and are often practiced for relaxation and stress management.

Yoga breathing exercises are when one breathes through their nose for a few seconds and blows out after through the nose, keeping the mouth shut. This gathers more energy and helps to increase focus and attention, allowing the nervous system to relax. Yoga breathing can also help with your sleep problems and teach you how to combat anxiety and stress.

Here are the names of yoga breathing exercises by Stephanie Mansour to become an anxiety fighter, outlined in this article from Today, which can help you to cope with anxiety and everyday stress management.

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