Diaphragmatic Breathing techniques

Learn the Advantages of the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique

December 21, 2022

Research shows that diaphragmatic breathing can lead to many benefits. It is a type of breathing exercise that engages your diaphragm muscle, which enables breathing. This technique is also known as belly or abdominal breathing, and it is the foundation for almost all meditation or relaxation techniques. These techniques lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and regulate other critical body functions.

The benefits of diaphragmatic breathing are many. It lowers stress hormones in the body, making it easier to relax and reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. It also lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases core strength, which makes muscles more stable and effective, and helps manage or cope with COPD better.

To know more, read the published article on Healthline, which also gives you breathing techniques.

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