Deep Relaxing Breathing Techniques

December 22, 2022

According to the book Human Biology published by Thompson Rivers University, the exciting fact about breathing is we do it regardless of any attention to it, which comes automatically to us, and this essential bodily function is entirely unconscious and involuntary. How we breathe affects our health, and breath can be controlled if we are conscious of our breathing patterns. Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that reduces tension, stress, and anxiety, impacting our body in many positive ways.

Breathing affects and impacts our health. Thus, deep breathing methods and practices help us positively affect our bodies. Deep breathing has multiple benefits – it controls blood pressure and sugar, helps to deal with anxiety and stress, increases attention and alertness, better the digestive system, COPD, autoimmune diseases, and so on. Simply put, deep breathing is trying to fill our lungs with air, which is not done when we usually breathe. It slows down our breath, relaxing our body and calming our mind. Learn more about how deep breathing works and how it can benefit your health from this article on

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