Breathing Exercises to Help and Control Anxiety

December 23, 2022

Breathing is a distinctive yet unconscious activity to live. Even being automatic it can be regulated to deal with stress and anxiety of daily life, to have a better, healthier and longer living. However, the problem lies in stress and anxiety being considered in the same way. Well, they are different, the main factor being the time or duration. Anxiety is a persistent, prolonged state whereas stress is time bound, one influencing the other causing both physiological and psychological illnesses. Some breathing practices practiced daily for five to ten minutes can do wonder for anxiety and everyday stress.

Stress and anxiety both release stress hormones that affect the nervous systems and brain stems, causing body aches, appetite change, sleep disorder, concentration issues amongst many. Our breath is connected to our nervous system thus practicing breathing exercises like deep breathing can enhance the nervous and digestive system, increase energy and concentration, low blood pressure and sugar, let you relax more and so on. Click to know the four breathing practices one must adopt by Teresa Adele in to overcome and handle anxiety better.

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