Sleep is very crucial to the proper function of the body and mind. Getting the right amount of good quality sleep is vital for our mental and emotional well-being and health. Even people who get seven hours of sleep daily might need better quality sleep. They may suffer from sleeping disorders, thin sleep, waking up too often, and even thoughts hovering in their mind, which means their sleep is not relaxed.

Yes, relaxing in your sleep is equally important as quality and time of rest. One must feel joyful and energized post a good night’s sleep. But how many of us think that? Guided meditation techniques and practices answer the question of sleeping better with deep relaxation technique. It helps to bring good relaxation in your sleep. Try this below-mentioned exercise before bedtime before we introduce you to the video in this link.

Put a hand on your heart and feel the pace, rhythm, and pattern, then breathe deeply for four seconds. Post this; you exhale a long, slow breath. Repeating this for a few seconds will immediately lower your heartbeat, and blood pressure, easing and relaxing you.

Caroline McCready teaches guided meditation practices to help you relax more during sleep, along with its benefits and how it affects the overall well-being of the body and mind.

Watch the video above for sleeping better with deep relaxation technique by  Caroline McCready, a meditation practitioner since 2011.

Sleeping Better with Deep Relaxation Technique

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