Pregnancy is a very crucial and happy moment in a woman’s life. However, that comes with many bodily and hormone changes, often worrying the mother. Also, the growing baby’s health is deeply concerned since stress can affect growth and other problems. To avoid such tension, relax, and help the baby remain, healthy pregnant women are always advised to practice yoga or some form of breathing exercise as per changes with pregnancy time and depending on health conditions. 

Yoga breathing and asanas have often been considered a safe practice for pregnant women. In yoga, we have deep, controlled breathing, which helps in more air intake and better oxygen circulation in the bloodstream. Pranayama teaches you to breathe correctly and better, as there is a balance between oxygen intake and carbon dioxide release, which helps the baby and mother to be healthy and in good care. Learn breathing exercises and yoga asanas from Glamrs by Purplle channel.

Pregnancy Yoga Breathing Techniques and Exercises

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