Breath is one of the most important vital signs of the body, which is often neglected. But in the last few decades, the value and importance of breath are coming into the limelight, as studies and research show how breath impacts our lives and helps detect diseases. No sooner will it be considered as a biomarker. Breath controls our lives, mostly unconsciously, since we do not know how we breathe. But practicing breathing exercises can hugely impact your life in all aspects of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Also, it helps to boost energy, sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and control blood pressure, heart rate, and the digestive system. Breath can change our lives if only we pay attention to it.

There are many practice breathing exercises for different needs, but there are if practiced every day can be life-changing. Try taking slower, longer breaths as you inhale and exhale for some time every day. Doing this can help in combatting anxiety and also boost athletic performance. This exercise is called nasal breathing, which slows your breathing down rate, increasing better oxygen flow and supply into your blood and muscles. Try these powerful breathing techniques suggested by celebrated physical therapists – Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck. in this video link.

Practice Breathing Exercises that Can Change Your Life!

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