Sleep is very crucial to the proper function of the body and mind. Getting the right amount of good quality sleep is crucial for our mental and emotional well-being and health. However, you will notice that many of us have sleep problems and issues and struggle to have the necessary sleep. We have learned that breathing exercises are easy and effective yet simple to cope with stress and feel more relaxed. Similarly, incorporating breathing practices before one hits the bed can help improve sleep quality.

One cannot have good quality sleep if you are breathing from the mouth. One has to make an effort to breathe correctly from their nose for better sleep. Several forms of breathing exercises to improve sleep can be practiced as a bedtime routine, like belly breathing, pranayama, 4-7-8 technique, alternate nostril breathing, box breathing, and many more. In this video, by Oxygen Advantage channel, we learn the method and practice of nasal or alternate nostril breathing, which is very effective in sleep improvement.

This video also focuses on techniques to help you breathe better through your nose when sleeping.

Implement Nasal Breathing Technique While Sleeping

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